Wednesday, April 23, 2014

SwiftKey Keyboard Apk Free Download

SwiftKey Keyboard apk free download for next-gen, hands free typing. v4.4.6.275 update improved many aspects of the app and fixed others.

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 15.9MB
Rating: 4.7/5
Type: Productivity

SwiftKey Keyboard User Reviews:
Never thought purchasing a keyboard app would ever make a difference but to my surprise, was every cent worth it. Responsive, great look, and overall an experience worth considering if you're sick and tired of unresponsive, generic keyboards. -Jose

Arguably the best keyboard app on the Play store. Easy to use and understand, you can pick from many different themes to make your keyboard tailored to what you like. They offer a wide variety of paid for themes and free themes. Overall, SwiftKey Keyboard ( is perfect for any user, regardless of what they're looking for in a keyboard app. -Jason

It offers much more control over keyboard than native apps. Also the cloud sync feature is awesome. Never worry about formatting/switching a phone. -Eisa

Auto-correct is too aggressive! I'm an admittedly poor keyboarder, so this helps reduce typing. But it keeps screwing up my login names (I have many), especially those with email accounts names containing periods before the @, inserting unwanted spaces, Erroneously replaces accurately spelled technical terms. When used to manually select a misspelled word for correction, SwiftKey Keyboard inserts selected word, but often leaves a truncated remainder of the misspelled word behind. Suggest a key to enable /disable auto correct. -Russel

What’s new in this latest version
- Google+ and Gmail authentication working now with accounts that are not registered on the phone
- Fixed some force closes with the expiry messages in the trial version and notifications in some languages
- Improved Left-Right cursor behavior in Dolphin browser input fields (however, there is still a known issue regarding Up-Down movement)

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

SwiftKey Keyboard v4.4.6.275 APK Download Links: 
Google Play Store


Previous Version:
SwiftKey Keyboard apk v4.4.1

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