Thursday, May 1, 2014

CircleLauncher 3.1 APK

Get a more productive and awesome way to start your apps with CircleLauncher v3.1 apk. Enjoy your android experience!
CircleLauncher APKRequirements: Android 2.1 and up
Size: 1.1MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Personalization

CircleLauncher User Reviews:
This app puts the cherry on top of your cake of personalization. It's just wonderful how my friends love and want this awesome replacement for the app folders, of course this is more than that. Together with its icon pack or another is the best! Best money spent and the personalization is worth it. -Leonardo
A very powerful, flexible launcher app, although it could be even moreseo. I've had this app for a while and played with it now and then but never quite found a good use for it. The recent addition of swiping on any screen to activate one of six different different sets of apps, bookmarks, or contacts, make this a huge competitor to other such apps like Swapps. While there's a lot of flexibility and tweaking one can do to make it just the way you want, layout is at least somewhat static in that you are stuck with a specific grid of icons (in the square config) and you can't control that grid layout much except to make all icons smaller/larger, shift the entire grid one way or another, etc. You can't control how many rows or columns there are for example, let alone have empty "slots" within that grid. But in general, it's a great app, especially with the new functionality and I'm hopeful that future updates will see even more. -Levi

CircleLauncher Features:
This widget will help you to start your preferred apps or call your best friends - but with style!
!NEW! swipe areas to start the CircleLauncher from any screen
!NEW! sort items with drag'n'drop
!NEW! start CircleLauncher from Home button
The rest of the feature can be found on the Play Store

What’s new in version 3.1
- !new! CircleGames channel
- fixed end animation
- fixed styled toolbar on Android 4.4
- configuration for contact image frame
- minor bug fixes
Screenshots (click to enlarge)

CircleLauncher Apk v3.1 Download Links:
CircleLauncher Store


UPDATE AVAILABLE: CircleLauncher 3.1.3

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