Friday, May 30, 2014

Dead on Arrival 2 1.1.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) - BIG UPDATE

Update version 1.1.6 features many new additions and enhancements. Dead on Arrival 2 v1.1.6 Modded apk with sd data features optimized graphics, new zombies, battlegrounds and upgradeable weapons. Killing the undead will never be this awesome.
Dead on Arrival 2 Mod Apk
Requirements: Android 3.0 and up
Size: 136 MB
Rating: 4.3/5
Type: Arcade & Action

DOA2 User Reviews: 
"The connectivity between players is ridiculous and the gameplay controls can at times be tedious (although this applies to pretty much every mobile game). The brightness within the game is very low and should be adjustable, and I hate how many mods there are in the game and you can only use one at a time. Last, the single player mode is simply too hard to enjoy due to possible 2 hit deaths. On the other hand, there are positives to Dead on Arrival 2, I just think the issues above should be dealt with." -Walter

"The gameplay is good, with good graphics and animation to back it up. But this doesn't really matter as it's far too difficult and the stages are very restrictive. Basically the only way to get a decent game on DOA2 is to spend money on in-game Z-bucks and constantly respawn after being killed. They should've used the basic mechanics of DOA and just used the new graphics. The first game is better." -Stevenson

Dead on Arrival 2 Features:
Think you know Dead on Arrival 2, well think again! Download this massive update with all new undead action!
- The zombies have mutated and are harder and faster than ever. One or two hits from the undead and it’s game over!
- Jump into single player and try out the new kill based scoring.
- The steel mill now spans over 5 levels to massacre the undead!
- Complete all new personal best bonuses and challenges to score some big Zbucks!
- In a tight spot? Not to worry, we’ll come to your rescue with all the gear you need, when you need it so take note of the weapon and power-up prompts!
- The mystery box now has a cool down timer before you can use it again. You just need to stay alive long enough to give it another go.
- One gun on the wall is just not enough to fight the zombie horde. We’ve swapped this up with an entire arsenal of kickass weapons and power-ups for you to stay alive.
… Don’t like the new look and feel? Not to worry. Multiplayer is still the game you know and loved so head on over with your friends and take on the undead together.... More details on the android market
Modded Apk have Unlimited money.

What’s new in version 1.1.6
- Fixed issue that could cause game to get stuck during initialisation

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Dead on Arrival 2 v1.1.6 Mod Apk+Data Download Links:
DOA2 Play Store


Install Apk, Copy ‘com.n3vgames.deadonarrival2′ Folder to sdcard/Android/Obb , launch the Game and play!

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