Thursday, May 22, 2014

Photoshop Touch for phone 1.2.1 APK Free Download

Photoshop Touch for phone apk 1.2.1 update added option to turn on/off Android image picker, fixed issues with saving and sharing a document, and improved feathering, plus more.
Photoshop Touch for phone 1.2.1 APK

Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Size: 19MB
Rating: 4.0/5
Type: Photography

Photoshop Touch for phone User reviews from the Play Store:
This app is really quite impressive. However, there are some improvements I'd like to see for a five star rating. 1. Export/save/covert images to more file types than just .jpg... .tiff would be nice! 2. It's missing half of Photoshop's arsenal of tools. You're only getting the main one's. Make this app effective. Make it so we don't have leave our tablet/smart phone unless we WANT to. -Ryan

Could be better. Text is a pain. It would be better if text could do do more than a sentence before having to write another sentence and try to match size. The ability that basic paint has would be good. To be able to add shapes. Layers are good but blending could be better. The magic selection isnt brilliant either. -Lisa

I used Photoshop Touch to make my shmeh look bigger and this girl totally fell for it lol she's blonde so I can't be that great at it. Thumbs up tho because it really helped. -John

It feels cumbersome, and is lightweight but it seems to be the best option for layered editing while mobile. Wish it was built to support non-destructive editing. I expect more from Adobe, especially at this price point. -Isaac

I didn't really know what to expect. Adobe has been hit and miss lately. But, I am very impressed. The app does more than any other I can find on a phone, and the interface is very functional. It isn't a full photoshop by any means, but neither did I expect it to be. Great for a quick edit or mock up. I would like to see a few things added, such as the ability to use downloaded brushes, a few more brush options like jitter etc. And I'd love to see some more filters and render options. But overall, I am happy with the app. -Aric

check out Photoshop Touch features list
What’s new in version 1.2.1
• Added option to turn on/off Android image picker (can be changed in Import Settings)
• Fixed issues with saving / sharing a document
• Improved feathering of soft brushes
• Improved visibility of brush cursor on dark backgrounds
• Several other bug fixes
• Fixed two crashers: when syncing and when storage is low
• Added more brush types for fine-tuned corrections and painting
• Added the Quick Selection tool, similar to Photoshop
• Implemented auto-recovery of unsaved documents
• Keep the original EXIF metadata when editing a JPEG
• New customized Gallery for selecting images
• Lots of other bugs fixes!

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