Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tsolias vs Zombies 3D Full Apk 1.3 Free Download

Dual-stick controls, stunning visuals and lots of humor make Tsolias vs Zombies 3D one of the most addictive zombie shooter games on the Play Store.

Requirements: Android 3.1 and up
Size: 14MB
Rating: NA
Type: Action

On a farm somewhere in Greece lives mr. George with his sheeps.
Near the area there is a very dangerous nuclear power plant.
One day an accidental explosion at the nuclear plant was the cause for a big disaster.
Toxic gases from the plant polluted the air and water in the region and the whole town was infected.
The virus has turned people into zombies!
One day Mr. George was very tired and fell asleep. But his sheeps was outside on the meadow.
Zombies are coming and they look hungry.
They have seen the sheeps... But now it's too late for the poor animals.
Mr. George woke up from the noises and saw the disaster.
Now it's up to him to take revenge for the loss of his sheeps!
Help Mr. George take revenge for the loss of his sheeps. Don't let any zombie stay in your way.
Use powerfull weapons to survive the endless hordes of zombies!
Never stay in the same place. Look arround for weapons, coins or other special items.
Collect coins and unlock new Wepons and Powers in the Store.
Kill houndreds of zombies to unlock new Maps.
* Hilarious Voice Acting with the most iconic Greek Character
* Beautifull 3D Graphics
* Fabulous Visual Effects
* Unlock New Content in the Store including Weapons, Powers and Coins
* 5 Immersive Maps
* 5 Disgusting Types Of Zombies
* 5 Powerful & Unique Weapons
* 3 Special Powers
* Full HD Support

What’s new in version 1.3
first release

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

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