Thursday, May 22, 2014

ULTRA4 Offroad Racing 1.18 APK

Race the world's most capable all-terrain vehicles through heart-pounding courses in the most dynamic offroad driving experience on mobile devices! the full apk is available for download below.
ULTRA4 Offroad Racing ApkRequirements: Android 3.0 and up
Size: 47MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Racing

ULTRA4 Offroad Racing User Reviews:
Great game except the throttle is off and the brakes are ridiculous. Brake is way too much, you can go full throttle and punch the brakes and the car almost does a front flip which is wrong no tire lock up and slide like a real buggy. Gas is off also 3/4 and up is where the car actually moves anything under 3/4 is 5 mph which wrong. And from 100% throttle to 20% throttle the car doesn't coast like it should, instead nails the brakes and it slows down way too fast picking up the back wheels. -Scott

The game is one of a kind. Most games are all glitchy but this is the best game. Just one thing that I think you should put in the next update add a free mode where you can do real rock crawling and create tracks. -Steven

Anyone who's been 4x4 off road driving will enjoy, and if you like rock-crawling you will love this game. The graphics are good enough to enjoy the experience since this game is more of a side-view type game (but the camera is adjustable). -Jacob  

ULTRA4 Offroad Racing Features:
- 7 Unique vehicles
- Modeled after real race trucks
- Fully simulated suspension (solid axle and independent) with tuning
- Realistic traction and drive-train simulation
- Damage system with flat tires
- Awesome truck skins from the world's top off road parts manufacturers
- AAA sound fx
- Real Ultra4 point system and drivers
- 3 tough seasons, totaling 42 races, to conquer
- Courses based on real ULTRA4 races (Stampede, Badlands, King of the Valleys and King of the Hammers)
- Gold, Silver and Bronze times to beat
- 38 different race tracks (including the Baja and Alaska bonus levels) 

- Pro mode for extra realism and difficulty
- Helmet camera for fun (and a taste of things to come)
- Simulation meets side-scrolling off-road racing
- 5 different control layouts
- Races that vary in length from 1 minute to 10+ minutes
- Hours of game-play in each game mode

What’s new in apk version 1.18 
some fixes and enhancements

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

ULTRA4 Offroad Racing Apk v1.18 free download Links:
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