Wednesday, June 4, 2014

SportsTracker PRO 3.9 APK

SportsTracker Pro 3.9 Apk update features ANT+ wheel size setting enhancements, new training plan option and more.
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Requirements: varies with device
Size: 4MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Health & Fitness
LATEST UPDATE: Download SportsTracker Pro latest v4.7

User Reviews from the Play Store:
SportsTracker PRO is a really great app that you can use to both motivate and analyse your training regime. Also great for tracking your PB's at events. Just wish that l could access my splits and other detailed information that is accessible in website version of the app. -Peter

I jog daily and since I've been using SportsTracker PRO it has been so helpful. I bought the pro version and I'm very pleased. I keep track now of miles, time, calories, ect. I wish there was a way to edit your past races. For instance: My first race I didn't know how to type in location, now I do. -Scott

I have tried endomondo but they keep changing thongs that work for example the must music in the background this app has that as an option. Some of the features are a little odd such or jus not clean such as the writing of location and tag seems to persist even when you change sport but on the whole it is good if you could export tcx then it would be ideal. -David

Works great, no bugs I've seen yet. Now that I have a Pulse HRM with BT for my Samsung Android phone, I get clear tracks of my pulse rate as well as location/distance and a better measure of my calories spent. -Bruce

I have been using this for a couple of days and it works great. I just ordered the HxM heartrate unit which is on sale so that I can track my heartrate. Very extensive menu in the app for all the functions and feedback while exercising is great. Surprised it doesn't cost much more, especially considering that you have space on their website for your workouts. ( update) I got the HxM heartrate unit and it works great with the App. Accurate rate measurement and announcements of max heart rate are very cool.

What’s new in version 3.9
V3.9 ANT+ wheel size setting made more flexible, option to change training plan feedback interval. Many website improvements see the blog.
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UPDATE AVAILABLE: Download SportsTracker Pro v4.7 

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