Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Sandbox 1.997 MOD APK (Unlimited Mana, All Campaigns Unlocked)

Play God & Create Worlds with Life or Destroy everything within a tap of your finger! The Sandbox: Craft Play Share v1.997 introduces exciting new content.
Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up
Size: 47MB
Rating: 4.5/5

User Reviews:
In my opinion, Sandbox's actual game play deserves 5 stars. It's really fun to play around with and experiment with pixels. I've had this game downloaded on my phone and previous phone, and even the one before that, meaning that I've been playing this for possibly a year and a half to two years. However, it's fairly buggy and is easy to crash by doing things like accidentally hitting the home button without pausing. -Jakob

A great game, but the quests are over priced, and it is ludicrous. Essentially, there are hardly any free quests. Honestly, if you want players to pay a fortune for them, then you should have made the game cost money from the start. $3.99 is way too much for just some extra gameplay. -Alex

'The Sandbox Craft Play Share' may just seem to be another retro styled game, but it is very expansive and is great for on the go or just generally whenever you are bored. While the game has minor problems, it is forgivable and some are due to the user (such as crashing whenever you ignite a full screen of TNT). Overall, it is an great experience. -Andrew

Description and Features: The Sandbox lets you create little pixel worlds, it's like Minecraft style in 2D!
It features:
- Over 200 elements to combine for different physic effects!
- 20 exciting campaigns -- a whopping 300 game levels in all!
- Add an intelligent life-form to your worlds: Humans!
- Change their behavior using Magic Powders and turn them into Miners, Hunters, Woodcutter, Zombies, Spacemen or even Robots!
- Play with the controllable elements: Ninja, Avatar, Snake… and create your video game levels!
- The Brainiac allows to create dynamic contraptions: assemble them, move them, let them transport materials or activate separate actions!
- Use any of the 8 Interactive Bodies to connect with it: Spaceship, Plane, Flying Car, UFO, Train, Drill, Mechcloud and Kamikaze Drone; or make your own multi-pixels combination with existing elements.
- Cruise around in your sport car, transport elements with a truck, destroy the land with your tank… or ride throughout space in the Lunar Lander!
- Recreate the Jurassic Period with dinosaurs and volcanoes! Protect your dinosaurs from extinction or recreate the BIG BANG and make them disappear!
- Try our new Blueprints and add awesome real-life wonders to your worlds: the Eiffel Tower, Chichen Itza, the Pyramids, the Statue of Liberty -- even a Crashed UFO!
- Wreak havoc with powerful explosions with TNT or C4! Light up the sky with fireworks or the Galaxy Invaders!
- Create amazing chain reactions with several sensor types, including liquid, light and temperature!
- Craft worlds featuring unique Laser and discover their powers once combined with different gems!
Share your creations online.

Are you stuck on a level and need help?
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Mega Mod v1.997 features:
1. Infinite mana
2. Fast level up
3. All campaigns are free
4. Generic unlock exploit
Scroll all the way down to download.

What’s new in version 1.997
+ the Brainiac:
- Craft Dynamic Contraptions
- Use it with our interactive blueprints such as vehicles, robots and various machines
- Or make your own multi-pixels combination with existing elements and assemble them, move them, let them transport materials or activate separate actions
+ 8 Interactive Bodies to connect with the Brainiac: Spaceship, Plane, Flying Car, UFO, Train, Drill, Mechcloud and Kamikaze Drone!
+ 2 new Campaigns! (including one free) of 18 levels in total

THE SANDBOX 1.997 MOD APK Download Links:
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Install Apk and play. Enjoy the game with Infinite mana, Fast level up, free campaigns, and unlock exploit. 

Previous v1.700 Apk+Save:

Install Apk, Place Save Game Folder in SDCard/Android/Data/ and Play.

Tip: Use Google Chrome browser or Firefox for Android to access and download from Apkradar.


  1. Cant work out how to get unlimited Mana or unlock all Campaigns? Can anyone help?

  2. Replies
    1. did you place Save Game folder in SDcard/Android/data/

    2. RG is a well-respected modder!! modding games is a tricky thing so real android users know that sometimes the mods don't work on all devices or dont work at all (when online,etc..many variables)
      so unless you know that, please dont download modded games anymore!