Saturday, July 12, 2014

Football Manager Handheld 2014 5.3.2 Full Apk

The highest-rated football management sim on the android market is here. Download and play Football Manager Handheld 2014 apk full version 5.3.2 and see if you got what it takes!

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 30 MB
Rating: 4.3/5
Type: Sports Games

User Reviews from the Play Store:
“I Tried this on an old phone. On a tablet it is a lot better. More in depth in some places. Took me a couple of attempts to install properly on nexus. For people having issues, get a file downloader and delete the fmh file, then try again. That's how I got mine working!” -Leanne

The game was absolutely fine beforehand. While the update has made the menus look nicer, the matches look ridiculous with a ball the size of a planet. Also the general game seems to have gotten slow and unresponsive since. Why tamper with it? Since posting this I've also got to the FA Cup final and noticed that after 3 legitimate goals had been scored in extra time between both teams, they just disappeared for no reason after, taking the score back to 2-2. -David

“Having previously played the 2012 edition, I was waiting for a version that would address the shortcomings of '12, such as lack of multiple league support, clumsy UI, a certain lack of depth and, most importantly, the very low difficulty. This year's FMH addressed every one of these concerns. At least on paper. The initial builds were quite buggy but with 5.1, I can say FMH is the game I waited 2 years for. An excellent achievement and a worthy addition to the CM/FM franchise.” -Cyprian

“I Use this on the train in and out of work, a brilliant concise version of the best footie manager games. I love the fact you can buy add ons to improve gameplay” -Steven (January 15, 2014)

FMH14 Full Features:
“A complete redesign of the way the game looks, with improved graphics and a much more intuitive menu system.
- My Club Mode allows you to create your own club from scratch. You choose the club name and kit colours and you assemble your squad. Recreate a classic team or build a squad of family and friends and then enter them into any league or international competition to compete against today’s real teams and players. It’s the ultimate football fantasy experience.
- A more realistic transfer system with more intelligent bids and squad management from AI managers meaning the FMH transfer market reflects the real-world.
- Use the new player progression tracking system to monitor the progress of your players’ attributes over time. These pages chart the improvement or decline of your players’ skills and are the perfect visual aid for making those tough decisions on whether players have a future at the club.
- Improved media interaction, with questions from reporters about your club’s successes, failures and the future. Can you keep the media happy without upsetting the board, fans and squad?
- Improved post-match analysis gives you better feedback on your team's tactical strengths and weaknesses.
- More detailed historic records of previous seasons allow you to look back fondly on past successes.”

What’s new in version 5.3.2
Bug fixes

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Download Football Manager Handheld 2014 Apk:
FMH14 Play Store


NEWS: Football Manager Handheld 2015 has been released onto Android.

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