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The Simpsons Tapped Out Mod/Hack FAQ, Help & Troubleshooting - Android

Welcome to the Simpsons: Tapped Out Mod FAQ (Frequently asked questions), we'll try to address some common game problems and possible solutions. This is to help people having issues with the game to get them fixed!

First of all, as a rule of  thumb, delete any version of TSTO before you install a new one.

How do I activate the Free Shopping Cheat, Unlimited Donuts Cheat & Unlimited Cash Cheat? 
The mechanism has changed this time - it is different to our previous release due to new game updates by EA, which made this clientside mod harder to implement. But don't worry, we did it.
(Spend some donuts and then change to Krustyland/neighborhouds and back to your Springfield, your donuts should be reset to the amount before your purchase.) SCROLL DOWN BELOW FOR MORE IN-DEPTH TUTORIAL (MUST READ NOTES).

Q: Does this also work with BlueStacks? I get a blackscreen / it crashes!
- It has been confirmed working on several BlueStacks setups. However the original game stopped working for some people since the easter update 2014. Version may work for some, others managed to get it working by updating to the latest version available.

Note: BlueStacks issues are not related to our mod. It's an issue with the original game. It seems to be related to different screen size, gpu and cpu. Take it up to BlueStacks support. Your report will be ignored here.

Q: I get a screen with Bart holding a plug. Saying the connection failed. What
do I do?
A: Try again in a few minutes. EA servers might be crowded. Also, does the official version work?

Q: It wont install. This error shows up: INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_INCONSISTENT_CERTIFICATES. What do I do?
A: Make sure to remove any version of the game before installing it. Try redownloading the apk if it's still not working. If you have trouble with the download try a mirror.

Q: The app crashes after logging in.
A: Delete any version of TSTO and then reinstall the mod.

Q: Is my account in danger of ban?
A: No, the hacked donuts reset themself upon syncing (Exit the game, go to Krustyland, enter the friends screen and such).

Q: Why can't I keep the donuts?
A: If you kept the bilions of dounts you'd be banned (it's called Antiban for a reason)

Q: How do I get unlimited tickets?
A: Buy laffy meals with the generated donuts.

Q: The app just updated on the App Store and I can't use this hack anymore or the app asks me to update and can't use it anymore, whatever shall I do?
A: Just wait for our great admin to update the hack (usually within the day *american time* of release of the update).

Q: How do i enter age, accept legals, and tap ingame in general?
A: Just click a little lower then where you would tap, and it works. The @ can  be inserted by using normal alt+ò. Numbers must be inserted using the numbers  above the letteres, numpad doesn't work.

Q: Oh god I'm having negative cash / donut amounts! What to do?
- No problem, simply restart the game and spend money and donuts in various ways, also try buying money for donuts in the currency menu.
Repeat until it's fixed. On another note: this is no big deal, it will still work fine!

Q: Which region is this release based on?
- (International version)

Q: Why does the hack crash?
A: In order for the hack to work when you open it, it must show the hack info splashscreen (the one that replaces Fox, EA, Gracie Films one). If it doesn't, once you login, the game will crash just a few moments after the donuts spins. Just reopen the app and it should work.

Q: The game crashes all the time, when I go to a friend's town, when I play, etc.
A: Please note that recent crashes are caused by the game itself (unless you run in the above question's problem). It's EA's fault in this case, not the hack, please refrain from complaining.

MUST READ NOTES FOR THE NEW MOD (starting v4.18+) 
How do I get Unlimited Donuts, Cash and Free Shopping cheats?The old mod -which wasn't working for recent updates due to new encryption by EA- has been rewritten. Donuts work a different way! The old way of spending cash or building a tree to get Infinite donuts doesn't work anymore (but we're still working on finding a better workaround)! 
Now you only have the amount of REAL donuts your game had, but once depleted, just switch to the 'other Springfield', then return and your donuts total has returned to its original number (they never go away)... So in essence, you're not using them. Some folk have a low amount and won't be able to take advantage of everything (see below Donut injection), but with the exception of the premium stuff, you can at least rush things, reset, rush, reset until you have enough hats, baubles, etc to get the other stuff. It's a bit of a pain but it's still way better than having to wait on characters completing tasks. 
Hal's comment: In other words: You just need to build up your actual donuts by buying Mystery Boxes, you'll find it repeats a pattern of so much stuff you don't want, then ten donuts, a load of other junk, then thirty donuts. Rinse and repeat. Just keep going to friends list and back to reset your actual total when its run down. It's slow but works.
How to find Mystery Box? In the shop, press the > tab and look under the golden buddah homer section. You will find the mistery box in the far left, as the first item.  
LordCin comment: Although EA changed things up a bit with the update, I was messing around and found that the mystery box donuts (in the Homer Budha menu), can be kept and added on to your overall total. You'll have to click the button to go to your friends Springfield and back again in order to see the updated donuts.  
Modder Note: Free shopping and permanent bonus donuts for rushing is working.
Again, If you run out of donuts or get a message saying you need more donuts: just go to your neighbors then back to your home. No need to close the game, remove it from your "Recent Apps" list and restart it. The amount should be untouched all the time and your donuts will be back to the amount when you first started the mod. 
Donut injection: Not that anyone will read this but if you have no real donuts and therefore have nothing to get replenished by leaving and going back you can use this link which will give you 250 each time (once per day) for free. As it suggests, change your origin password before and after if you are worried about that. I would suggest using only once or twice and not going nuts with it. You will have plenty to rush and buy premium items 
Sometimes you will get Server Error when trying to update/ play the game because because of server overload (lots of people doing that at the same time)!  Go to settings> applications> tapped out> force stop and clear cache and try again after sometime. Hitting retry a hundred times in a moment doesn’t help you update the game, so try again after a short while.

Any other questions, please comment!

Tip: Use Google Chrome browser or Firefox for Android to access and download from Apkradar.


  1. Replies
    1. which hack, ours or Mamosa or 0ldB0y's? I assume u're talking about v4.14.0!
      Can u be more specific, which items?

  2. Hello i nstalled Simpsons over apk and know the ingame update cant download finish and he say to me this update is needed to play. Go install it . if i click ok the appstore open and then i cant install the ingame updates... Please help me

    1. you must uninstall any version you have before installing our mod!! please read instructions on the Simpsons download page!

    2. I'm having the same problem. I followed the instructions, and when I went to update the apk, it brings me to the Google play store. Instead of the buttons to either uninstall or update tapped out, it says "this item isn't available in your country". I've tried earlier versions of the hacked tapped out apks; the same thing happens for all of them.

    3. which version ur talking about?!

    4. It's the same thing for all versions

  3. When i go to krusty land and when i place or buy land expansion it just crashes everytime.pleasee help. Thanks!

    1. i guess ur talking about v4.14.5 kuz it's the one with that problem!
      the crash may happen if u buy with tickets! Premium donut items work without a problem.

  4. Yes its the you know when is it going to be fixed :D

  5. I have that same problem do you know when is it going to be fixed?

  6. i'm curious about that if i installed that mod, bought some stuff for donuts and went back to normal version from google play store ... will that make any consequences?
    how much cash and donuts would i have if i had done such like that? thanks in advance for help!

  7. I can't buy any characters or speed anything up that is over the amount that I have. I can buy decorations and buildings, but nothing else. I also can't use donuts to unlock Springfield heights expansions

  8. Same as above, cannot buy characters or speed anything up, just buy buildings.