Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Smart IR Remote - AnyMote 3.4.0 APK (working version)

The best infrared remote control app on the market that's compatible with more than 700.000 devices. Install Smart IR Remote AnyMote apk 3.4.0 (full version) and make your life a bit easier.

Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up
Size: 9.6MB
Rating: 4.7/5
Type: Tools

AnyMote user reviews:
"Powerful IR Remote for Android! It's pretty tough to find IR devices this app doesn't support. Not just great for consolidating remotes, but I can create Tasker actions and then use Pebble Tasker to control my TV from my smart watch (Pebble). Very cool!" -Wendell 

"I found AnyMote quite easy to use and there are so many options that I actually had fun setting it up. The button and text colors are all configurable to your liking, plus so many other options." -Timothy

"Smart IR Remote AnyMote works fantastic and I've mastered editing and configuring multiple remotes and setups. I had an issue with Tips showing up everytime I'd launch the app and dev was extremely quick to respond and resolve it. I've used it for a lot of devices, from monitors, audio systems and tv sets to dslr cameras. It worked like a charm." -Chris

AnyMote app features:
World's best Galaxy S6 Remote, S5 Remote, HTC One Remote, or any Android remote overall!
The only Universal Smart Remote Control for TVs and Home Electronics you'll ever need!

Smart IR Remote is the only IR remote universal app for Android that you'll ever need: it's smart, with a device coverage that is huge (800000 devices, with more added daily and on request), and it's the only one that makes use of features only your phone/tablet have, that a plastic remote (like the Logitech Harmony) never will. As IR remote controls go, especially android remote controls, you'll never find one better!

Not compatible with Huawei, Vizio or Sony phones. Of all phones/tablets by LG, only compatible with the G3 (still in Beta, sending only, not recording. Not compatible with LG G3 A or LG G3 S)

Don't have a supported phone or tablet? Check out AnyMote Home:
Smart Remote works with any Samsung, HTC and Medion Lifetab devices with an InfraRed Blaster, and most other brand phone/tablet with an IR Blaster that runs Android 4.4 or above provided originally by the manufacturer. Even better, Smart IR Remote also works on most custom ROMs like CyanogenMod.

Smart IR Remote is an universal smart remote control that can command almost anything that receives InfraRed commands, like a TV, Set Top Box (cable and satellite box), DVD, BluRay player, VCR, Amplifier, Air Conditioner, AV Receiver, DSLR camera, etc. Better yet, you can combine your remotes into smart remotes (activities) so that on your custom remote you'll have the volume buttons to your surround system, the channel buttons to control your set top box and the display buttons to control your TV. It's the only Android universal tv remote that can do that, while controlling any other device too!

unique features:
AIR GESTURES - exclusive to Android 4.1-4.4 Galaxy S4
RECORD REMOTES - exclusive to the HTC One

What’s new in apk version 3.4.0
- added notification remote
- run IFTTT recipes
- receive IFTTT events
- run Tasker tasks
- can now assign TV station logos to your buttons (limited Beta)
- fixed widget issues on some broken 3rd party Launchers

Ver 3.2.1
- added Network commands for raw UDP, TCP, HTTP cmds
Major Version 3:
- improved button icons
- new app UI
- reduced apk size to 70%
- support for AnyMote Home -
- support for Global Cache iTach -
- countless bugfixes and improvements
- much faster!
- advanced options that change the UI of your remotes. To get a remote look similar to the old version, set the Corner radius to 15px and enable 3d buttons

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Download Smart IR Remote AnyMote v3.4.0 APK:
AnyMote Play Store


Google Backup/Restore works just fine in this version. If you encounter any related error you may need to clear cache or there is some temporary server problem.

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