Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Apex Launcher Pro APK 3.1.0

Apex Launcher Pro apk version 3.1.0 fixed some bugs and features other improvements. To the uninitiated, Apex is one of the greats when it comes to launcher apps. It's fast, clean, fluid and highly customizable.
Apex-Launcher-ProRequirements: Android 4.0+ and up
Size: 4MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Personalization

Apex Launcher Pro App Reviews:
"Highly customizable and runs mostly smooth, except in the app draw which has slight hiccups. Every little nitpick about android disappears with the launcher. Samsung should take note of this and use it for future versions of TouchWiz." -Michael

"Much better than when I tried it a few years ago. Switched to it now from another great fast launcher, Launcher Pro 2. Very customizable and fast. Well worth the money (especially the free version). Try it and you're sure to happily buy it." -Brian

"It's simple, with a lot of features. Apex had everything that I was looking for in a launcher and works perfectly. It never crashes or slows my phone down. I've used this app on 5 different devices." -Mark

"This is probably my favorite launcher: next to unnoticeable battery consumption, easy to use, and what's free is very helpful. However, I've noticed I lost my dock. In losing my dock, I try turning it off and on, playing with settings, setting it back to default,etc. I'm at a loss with this, feeling that I've tried everything to no avail." -Collin

"Apex Launcher Pro is fluid and fast, just what I need it to be. Transitions and themes feel great with the Google Material Design. Applying icon packs (I recommend Moonshine) is a breeze." Andrew

What’s new in Apex Pro version 3.1.0
Show search as overlay
Expand notifications and quick settings through accessibility service (TouchWiz on Lollipop)
Other improvements and bug fixes
Added Catalan, Estonian, and Persian translations
Updated translations
Ver 3.0.3

* Removed Feeling Lucky from app drawer
* Fixed FC on Android 4.0
* Updated translations

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Download Apex Launcher Pro v3.1.0 APK:
Apex Play Store

If you find any fault with this version you can download the previous Apex Launcher Pro v3.0.3 or v3.0.1
--By Chathu
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