Friday, April 10, 2015

Battery Saver Pro 2.1.0 APK

Battery Saver Pro apk version 2.1.0 is the most advanced yet easiest-to-use app to save battery life and boost your android's overall performance.

Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up
Size: 10MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Tools

User Reviews:
"This app makes a noticeable difference in my battery life. I tried many others and they don't compare. The only complaint would be that my lock screen on my LG G2 is disabled after every charge. Whenever I unlock my phone it takes me to my home screen vs my lock. Simply restarting my phone fixes the issue, so not too bad. The battery saving I get outweighs this inconvenience however." -Hector

"I've been using Battery Saver Pro for days now, best one I've ever had and doesn't take a lot of ram. And when it says 24hours till it runs out it's not true; they forgot about night mode, and what apps you can disable so you can expect to get over 30 hours of battery life.." -Stella

"My old phone fried and I got Galaxy S5 now. I'm hoping this will work as well as it did on my old phone, because it was totally flawless." -Paul 

App Features:
Battery Saver Pro is AD-FREE and proud of being "EXTREMELY EASY" Android Battery Saver. Master your save battery skills & phone boost skills easily! This app helps users Save battery life with ONE-TAP by optimizing phone settings which functions as Memory Cleaner, App Killer, Task Killer, and Various Function Controller. On top of that, with Deep Sleep Mode Configuration - Normal / Smart / Advanced / Custom / you can easily change the Battery Saver Mode to prolong your battery life. App Consumption Mode geared as well, letting you understand which Application consumes the battery the most. Super useful battery saver widget, and many more features. If properly used, this app can save battery power up to 2x-4x more, boost your phone go lot faster! Yet, This app is Extremely Easy.

5 in 1 Toolbox Mix App! – One-Tap Optimizer including Memory Cleaner, Junk Cleaner, Task Killer, Functions Controller. Charging Mode - Track your phone remaining time. App Consumption Tracker - See which application consumes the battery the most. Deep Sleep Mode - Configure your custom saving mode with one-tap! And Super Easy Widget. 5 Features but it's still VERY EASY TO USE! Download this app/widget, become a master of Android Optimizer!

1. One-Tap Optimizer (including Memory Cleaner/Junk Cleaner/Task Killer)
2. Sleep Mode Battery Saver
3. App Consumption Tracker / Uninstaller
4. Remaining Time Tracker
5. Widget-
More details about each function can be found on the android market.

What’s new in apk version 2.1.0
Splash speed adjustment
Ver 2.0.5
Removed More Apps ICON
ver 2.0.4
Fixed Crash on Lolipop/Android5.0

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Download Battery Saver Pro v2.1.0 APK:
Battery Saver Store


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