Sunday, September 28, 2014

FPse for android 0.11.148 APK

FPse for android apk pversion 0.11.148 fixed audio track playing click in sound and added Low end device profile from MISC/SYSTEM menu.
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up,
Size: 2.9MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Entertainment

FPse User Reviews:
“psx4droid ran ff7 like crap once i got to disc 2, gafgarion wouldnt act at monastery battle in fft. didnt get a chance to try other games in psx4droid. fpse though, ran ff7, ff8, fft. all ive tried so far. sound is laggy, but graphics are absolutely flawless. interface leaves a little to be desired, but at the rate this app gets updated(in contrast to psx4droid), that will improve in no time. absolute must if you have time to kill waiting on an oil change.” -A Google User

“Please ignore those that don't understand the law when it comes to emulation. Works so well, even on a Samsung Galaxy Ace” -Jake Lee

What's new in version 0.11.148:
FPse 0.11.148:
- Fixed Audio track playing click in sound
- Improved support of cue file with audio tracks
- Added Low end device profile from MISC/SYSTEM menu, it switch off Pad animation

FPse 0.11.147:
- Fixed freeze in games like Galerians, NBA 2000 and much more
- Improved audio rendering
- Improved CDrom emulation, it's like on true PSone now, FPse is now smooth as hell!! , musics and animations!!
- Improved opengl plugin framelimiter and frameskipping, much more smooth even in skip mode
FPse 0.11.146:
- Fixed English menu to disable scanning
- Fixed Savestates screenshots, use less memory
- Fixed click in sound.
- Added option to disable saves screenshots for low end device if crash
FPse 0.11.145:
- Fixed OpenGL gpu profile
- Fixed Guncon mode and pad auto hiding
- Fixed Freeze and bugs when loading savestate
- Added Disable/Enable Autoscan when FPse start From MENU/Autoscan
- Added Shots to savestate
- Added Dropbox support to backup saves.
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LATEST UPDATE: FPse for android + Bios

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