Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tasker 4.7u1 APK Download

Total Automation for your device, from settings to SMS and everything inbetween. Free download Tasker 4.7u1 full apk and revolutionize your android experience.

Requirements: Varies with device
Size: 3MB
Rating: 4.8/5
Type: Tools

"Android customization at its finest! Some people find Tasker a little difficult to work with, sure, but you get out what you put in. Control almost every aspect of your device, better yet, automate the actions so you never have to deal with them. I don't remember Android without Tasker, and I don't want to." -Jonathan Feist

"I was hoping for a simple way to set up a night mode on my S6 and bought Tasker based on its reviews. I've made very little progress due to what I consider to be a steep learning curve - and will probably abandon Tasker for something else." -Ryan

Tasker 4.7u1 (final) is here, enjoy!
* Triggers: App, Time, Day, Location, Hard/Soft State, Event, Shortcut, Widget, Timer, Plugins
* Actions: 200+ built-in, plugin support
* Tasks: loops, variables, conditions
* Scenes: design your own screen overlays
* App Creation: create your own standalone apps to share or sell! (Android 2.3+)
Actions By Category:
[not all actions available on all devices]
* ALERT: Flash, Notify LED/Sound/Vibrate, Cancel Notification, Popup Timed/WithTaskIcons/Names, Torch, Vibrate, Vibrate Pattern
* APP: Calendar Insert, Go Home, Kill App, Load App, Open Map (/StreetView/Nav)
* AUDIO: Alarm/Call/DTMF/Media/Notif./Ringer/System Volume, Haptic Feedback Toggle, Mic Mute, Notification Pulse, Notification(<4.1)/Ringer Vibrate (<4.2 or root), Silent Mode, Speakerphone, Sound Effects toggle
* DIALOG: 28 System Settings dialogs
* DISPLAY: Auto-Brightness, Close System Dialogs, Keyguard, Keyguard Pattern, Display Brightness, Display Off Timeout, Display Rotation, Set Wallpaper, Stay On, Status Bar (expand/collapse)
* FILE: Browse Files, Directory Create/Delete/Move, File Copy/Delete/Move/Open, Write To File, Read Line, Read Paragraph, Zip/Unzip File
* INPUT: Button, Dpad, Type (root only), Input Method Select, Soft Keyboard (show)
* MEDIA: Media Button Events (grab), Media Player Control, Music File/Dir, Play/Forward/Back/Stop, Photo/Series/TimeSeries, Record Audio, Record Audio Stop, Ringtone, Scan Card
* MISC: (Broadcast) Action Intent, Component Intent, Get Location, GPS Status (<2.3 or Cyanogen/submod), Run (ASE) Script, Say, Say To File, Shut Up, Search For, Set Clipboard, Reboot (root only), Set CPU (root only) Set Timezone
* NETWORK: Airplane Mode (<4.1 or root), Autosync, BT, BT ID, Compose Email, Browse URL, HTTP GET, HTTP POST, Mobile Data (on/off), Mobile Data 2G/3G (Cyanogen only), USB Tether, WiFi Toggle, Wifi Disconnect/Reassociate/Reconnect, Wifi Sleep, Wifi Tether, Wimax Toggle
* PHONE: Call, Call Log, Call Block/Divert/Revert, Compose MMS/SMS, Contacts, End Call, Radio, Send SMS, Send Data SMS, Silence Ringer, Take Call
* TASKER: Change Icon Set, If, End If, Goto Action, Perform Task, Profile Toggle, Query Action, Set Widget Icon, Set Widget Label, Stop, Wait, Wait Until
* VARIABLES: Set, Clear, Inc, Dec, Query, Randomize, Split, Join, List
* 3RD PARTY: Android Notifier, Astrid, BeyondPod, JuiceDefender Data/Toggle, Gentle Alarm, NewsRob, OfficeTalk, SleepBot, SMS Backup+, TeslaLED, WidgetLocker

Airplane Mode, BT Connected, Calendar Entry, Docked, Headset Plugged, Incoming Call, Keyboard Out, Light Level, Media Button, Missed Call, Mobile Network, Device Orientation, Power, Various Sensors, Signal Strength, Unread Text, Variable Value, Wifi Network, Wifi Near

Alarm Clock/Done, Date Set, Time/Date Set, Timezone Set, Display: Off/On/Unlocked, File Closed/Deleted/Modified/Moved/Opened/Attributes Changed, Camera/Search Button Long-Press, Card Mounted/Removed/Unmounted, Gesture,Missed Call, Phone Changes, Received Text, SMS Send Success/Failure, Battery Changed/Full/Low/Overheating, Device Boot, Device Shutdown, Storage Low, Locale Changed, New/Removed/Updated Package, Wallpaper Changed, Button Gadget Clicked, New Window, Notification, Notification Clicked, Zoom Click, Variable Cleared/Set, K9 Email Received, Gentle Alarm, Kaloer Clock, OpenWatch, Reddit Notify, Screebl, Widget Locker

What’s new in version 4.5 u1
* bugfixes
- Android app backup support (disabled by default)
- dynamic configuration (and task) loading for e.g. remote device administration
- improved local backup/restore
- individual context activation states shown in UI
- task testing: problems shown in-line
- accelerometer support for lower power and more responsive location detection (where hardware available)
Many more additions, changes and bugfixes.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)
Tasker 4.5u1 APK screenshot
Tasker 4.5u1 screenshot

Download Tasker 4.7u1 APK:


Previous Tasker versions

NOTE: if you get a signature error while installing! read this:
If you installed previous versions from our site you shouldn't have this problem (error) as we keep the same "signature". In any case try to backup your profiles via Menu-Data-Backup, uninstall tasker, install this version and restore.
Tip: Use Google Chrome browser or Firefox for Android to access and download from Apkradar.

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