Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lucky Patcher 5.0.0 MOD APK

The one and only tool available used to remove ads, modify Permissions, bypass premium applications license verification, and more. Download Lucky Patcher 5.0.0 now!

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up (ROOT optional for the Mod only)
Size: 3.8MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Tools

Note from the developer:
Although stable, functioning of Lucky Patcher can't be guaranteed at 100%.
So you are solely responsible of use of this application.
Under no circumstances Netbew be responsible for any problems caused to your device (rebooting loop, unstable system, etc...).

What’s new in version 5.0.0
~hot fix bug to get dalvik cache
~try fix in app and patches for android l
~add custom patch
~fix bug with binder widgets


Lucky Patcher 5.0.0 Original:
Direct Drive

Lucky Patcher 5.0.0 MOD:

It changes the package name and a few other things as some apps will detect Lucky Patcher and refuse to run if it is installed:
- Has a package name (apart from the original is placed; application with a ban on set Lucky Patcher (for example, Jota +) will ignore it; requires removal system application "Home screen tips");
- Changed the name of the default data folder with LuckyPatcher on FortunatePatcher;
- Disable automatic update (since it will download the original Lucky Patcher, and not modified).
(You can use the mod on non rooted devices but it has limited function. Rooted device is recommended)
Tip: Use Google Chrome browser or Firefox for Android to access and download from Apkradar.

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