Monday, October 20, 2014

Notif Widget Notifications 1.0.8 APK Download

Easily interact with your notifications on your lock screen, home screen, and DayDream screen saver. Free download Notif Widget Notifications 1.0.8 full Apk and get better notified!

Requirements: varies with device
Size: 674k
Rating: 4.4/5
Type: Personalization

NotifWidget Main features:
1 - The notifications look exactly like the original ones. No custom, ugly appearance. Everything just looks as it should.
2 - Full control of all actions and media players. If the notification has a reply action or a play/pause action, you can use it directly with this app.
3 - Customization: you can choose different clock sizes, colors, background colors, filter notifications, and more!
4 - Create as many widgets as you want. One on your home screen, one on your lock screen, use it on DayDream. All can have different options.

Featured by ★Android Authority★, ★Android Police★ and loved by users!
Awesome!! I love finally being able to operate all my music players on widgetlocker thanks to this app! - Everett Farris
Very very good app This app has replaced my clock widget and with weather notification of another app it always is there below the clock. - Eduardo Sanfiorenzo

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What’s new in version 1.0.8
1 - New: settings button on the widget
2 - Improvement: now you can have the clear all button without the clock
3 - Fix: some crashes

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Notif Widget Notifications 1.0.8 APK Download Links:
Google Play Store



How to create a lock screen widget:
1 - System Settings → Security → Check Enable Widgets
2 - Turn screen off
3 - Turn screen on
4 - Swipe to the left-most page of your lock screen and touch the "+" icon
5 - Choose this app
6 - You can make this the primary one, replacing the default clock, by first touching-and-holding it and then dragging it horizontally to the very rightmost position.

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