Saturday, October 18, 2014

Reactable mobile 2.3.13 APK Free Download

Bringing you the full power of the reactable instrument. Free Download Reactable mobile 2.3.13 Full Apk and make your reactable music on the go right on your android!
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 11 MB
Rating: 4.2/5
Type: Music - Audio

App reviews from the Play Store:
Reactable is an excellent tool for creating real time compositions with field recordings and customized sound files. The one weakness of this app is the lack of highlighting file in use in sound file folder browser window. I have hundreds of sound files in thematic folders. It would be very helpful when selecting a new sound to be able to quickly identify what's already in use. Great app. The additional objects option is great. Barry

Kinda like a Jasuto lite, meaning less fine control but way easier to use. A bit pricey for what it is but I have a feeling this will keep evolving and become a powerhouse; hope so anyway. Works fine on my Nexus 7. Ian

There are wrinkles and minor annoyances, but it works, and I can make music with it. Not stable enough for live performance, but that's more likely Android than the app itself. Now - if only Android could do real-time audio input ... Frankly, I'm just happy that it works on an Android table at all! Martin

I've played with a real reactable table at a place called In tech in Hampshire in England. Reactable mobile compares pretty well to the table and it offers a new free form way to make music using a computer. Ignore the comments about limited samples, as you can load your own and you can load your own backgrounds. Look up how on the internet. Simon

Reactable mobile FEATURES: 
Reactable Mobile enables you not only to create your own sound tables but also to act as producer by remixing tables of fellow Reactable musicians, adding your personal touch and share it again in a seamless way.Details on the Play Store

Note: as this application uses both graphic and audio resources extensively, recent devices will provide the best user experience.

What’s new in version 2.3.13
- Get additional objects for your tables, with new exclusive offers for a limited time only!
- User interface improvements

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Reactable mobile 2.3.13 APK Download Links:
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