Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Voxis Launcher 0.23 APK Download

A brand-new fast, elegant and minimalist launcher that'll definitely change the way you use your android. This launcher shows great promise. Download Voxis Launcher apk 0.23 and customize your device.

Requirements: Android 1.1 and up
Size: 21MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Personalization

Voxis user reviews:
"It works on Note 5 but still has a lot of problems in the launcher settings. Some of the tabs in the settings that are supposed to work don't. Some of the tabs that do work change the settings for a different option other than the one being selected. Also some of the changes you make in the settings menu automatically changes back to the default settings when your phone "goes to sleep" or turns off. Voxis needs the option or ability to add different custom widgets like a lot of the widgets thats was on the 3d Voxis videos." -Andrew

Voxis Launcher features:
- ColdfusTion style in just one installation!
- Recent Apps from the left bezel
- Quick access to Google Now. (Triple tap anywhere)
- Quick and smooth animations
- Live clock and date triggers
- Swipe in from the left bezel for running apps
- App draw in one list
- Hide your notifications tray
- Customisable menus for easy access to your most used apps
- Use any image you like for your icons!
- Dynamic resizing/dragging for widgets
- Stylish options menu
- 12-24 hour time toggle
Note: Works great with Multi-Picture Live Wallpaper!

What’s new in version 0.23
Bug fixes:
* Should now run on Note 5
* Recents bar problem solved for some users
* Better font scaling

Ver 0.22
- Animations smoothed out
- Aesthetic change to one of the new screens
- Swiping bug fixed
Ver 0.2
- Widgets fixed
- Loading times drastically shortened
- Speed boost
- Better scaling for higher res displays
- Bug fixes
Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Download Voxis Launcher v0.23 APK:
Voxis Play Store


Previous ver 0.22

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