Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Battleheart Legacy 1.2.5 APK + DATA + MOD (Unlimited Money)

A highly-rated and critically acclaimed action-adventure hack 'n slash fantasy RPG. Download Battleheart Legacy 1.2.3 Apk with sd data and never get bored!
Battleheart Legacy 1.2.5 APK

Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Size: 360MB
Rating: 4.7/5
Type: Role Playing/Action

★Review by Michael Crider from★
"Deceptively complex and secretly time consuming. Best game I played: pc, consol or otherwise in a long time. I downloaded this game at 9pm I did not put it down till 3am. From the open ended class system to the engaging combat I feel this game is better then most AAA titles. The story line at 1st seems a bit veauge, but it gets deep "no spoilers here." -James Baker

"BHL is love, BHL is life! I'm obsessed and I literally signed my soul over to this game, therfore I am no longer living and my soul is now roaming around this wonderful game. I am free now. Thanks mika mobile." -Juwan Yi
"This game has endless re-playability due to its class system. Unlike in some RPG's you aren't chained down to 1 class, no no, you get points on each level that you can put in several stats like charisma, int, skill, etc. And with those points you can buy spells in all kinds of classes for example necromancer or barbarian. Another factor that gives this game re-playabiltiy is its story line, Every conversation will give you multiple options, in some you may insult the other guy and in others u can agree leading into a different story line." -cptPandaSmash
"No stupid daily energy mechanics, no intrusive ads or in app purchasing. Good action RPG with a lot of class customization available, and story" -Scott Green

"Game play is fun, lots of class, skill, spells, items so there's some replay value there. Also decisions we make in Battleheart Legacy will impact the story. It's a perfect game for mobile. One feature I'd love to have is a journal so we can keep track of missions, and maybe a dynamic map Generator to increase replay value." -Danke Alamien

"Addictive, RPG excellence. Simple controls, plenty of options." -Z. Ellis
"A great RPG game with classic elements and modern relevant dialogue that anyone can appreciate." -Jesse Ling

Battleheart Legacy Features:
• A refined real-time combat system, based on the award-winning "Battleheart". Move your character or attack your foes through simple taps, and unleash powerful special moves at the right moment to turn the tide of battle!
• Unparalleled animation and VFX make every battle a visual feast!
• An astounding 150+ unique skills across 12 classes to customize your character with. Poison your foes, crush them with giant two-handed weapons, put them to sleep with a song, or simply blow them up with a meteor strike. And with our unique multi-classing system, it's possible to combine classes into a nearly limitless number of combinations.
• Over 200 unique pieces of equipment to further tailor your character's play style.
• Incredible boss battles that will put your hero to the test! (Free to play and enjoy)

What’s new in version 1.2.5
Fixed an issue which could cause the "delete save" command to incorrectly delete the wrong save slot.

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Battleheart Legacy 1.2.5 APK screenshotBattleheart Legacy 1.2.5 android screenshot
Battleheart Legacy 1.2.5 screenshot
Battleheart Legacy 1.2.5 hack screenshot

Battleheart Legacy 1.2.5 Download Links:
Google Play Store

Direct Drive

Direct Drive

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Part1 Part2

- Install Apk
- Extract Sd Data and copy ‘com.MikaMobile.BattleheartLegacy’ Folder to sdcard/Android/obb
- Launch the Game

NOTE: some users are experiencing a lack of sound with this version, if you're one of them, you may go back to the previous version 1.2.3 while waiting for an update!

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