Friday, December 18, 2015

Day Night Live Wallpaper (All) 1.3.0 APK

With Day Night Live Wallpaper (All) 1.3.0 you get serene natural scenes on your android. The scenes are magical and combine 5 live wallpapers (BlueSky, Sunset, Daydream,etc).
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 14MB
Rating: 4.7/5
Type: Personalization

User reviews:
"Beautifully designed! I love all the small details, they really make it perfect! I tried the free version first, then I upgraded, totally worth it" -Bird

"I love the silhouettes of the trees and the interactive birds that flock together to form messages like "good morning", "rise and shine" and "nice day". Found by accident and glad I did." -Breana

"Ever since the first sunrise wallpaper appeared it was an instant purchase but Day Night Lwp All is something special. Realism, Graphics and just an absolute pleasure to view. I'll forever be a fan Teragon." -Nik

Day Night Live Wallpaper (All) features:
This is the Ultimate version that contains all the Pro features of the four wallpapers at 50% the price:
1. Sun Rise Pro - for Morning
2. Blue Sky Pro - for Afternoon
3. Sunset Hill Pro - for Evening
4. Dream Night Pro - for Night
5. PLUS: DayDream for Android 4.2+

Feature highlights:
- Automatically switches between the above skies throughout the day, using an algorithm to calculate the sun rise and sunset time using your GPS location.
- You can set specific timings for each sky in the Settings, or you can choose to show only your favorite sky.
- Contains an extra sky for pre-dawn.
-  Contains all settings for each sky (moon, stars, sky color, rainbow, etc.).
- Bird sounds.
- Touch interaction with the trees and birds.
- Parallax effect settings.
-  Various other settings for birds, deers, trees, etc.

Large APK size (14 MB) since it contains all the Pro versions...

What’s new in version 1.3.0
- Added other types of winter trees to Pro version.
- Added interactive windmills to Pro version.
- Added a DayDream with Time display (for Android 4.2+) to All-in-One version.
- Various bug fixes for all versions.

Day Night Live Wallpaper (All) v1.3.0 APK:
Google Play Store


Previous ver 1.0.3

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