Friday, November 7, 2014

GravityBox [JB] 3.4.3 Unlocked APK

GravityBox is a module which primary goal is to provide the users of MediaTek platform (which is well known for not being opensource friendly)with a tweak box to turn their vanilla Android stock ROM into custom ROM packed with additional features and tweaks.
GravityBox [JB] 3.4.3 Unlocked

Requirements: Android 4.1-4.3, Xposed framework
Size: 4MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Tools

Additionally, it should run on any device having vanilla or close to vanilla Android not diverting too much from AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

For KitKat, use GravityBox [KK] instead.

Main features
- QuickSettings tile management with additional tiles and tile reordering
- CyanogenMod Pie Controls
- Lockscreen targets
- Expanded desktop
- Lockscreen tweaks
- Statusbar tweaks
- Navigation bar tweaks
- Power tweaks
- Display tweaks
- Phone tweaks
- Media tweaks
- Hardware key actions
- Smart Radio
- Ultimate notification control
... and many more

- Supports most of the MTK devices (MT6589/MT6577/MT8389) running ROM based on vanilla Android (AOSP) 4.1/4.2
- Supports other devices running vanilla Android (AOSP) 4.1/4.2/4.3
- DOES NOT support ROMs vastly modified by device manufacturers (HTC Sense, Samsung Touchwiz, MIUI, LeWa, ...)
- SHOULD NOT be used with custom ROMs like CM, AOSPA, RootBox, SlimBean - it makes no sense since the most of the features are already
in the ROM (may cause conflicts and unexpected behaviour)

What’s new in version 3.4.3
- Phone tweaks: brought back National data roaming option
- Ultimate notification control:
--- fixed improper lights and vibration handling during quiet hours affecting mainly ongoing notifications
--- improved detection of ongoing notifications belonging to foreground services
--- active Screen: added option for ignoring quiet hours (shows active screen during quiet hours)
--- active screen: don't apply to ongoing foreground service notifications
--- active screen: use direct wake up call instead of full wake lock (should improve compatibility on some devices)
--- active screen: improved check for proximity sensor state
- Statusbar tweaks: added option for using Lollipop signal icons (with full support for MediaTek Gemini)
- Quick settings Network mode tile: added option for specifying 2G+3G mode:
--- allows to choose whether to use GSM/WCDMA Preferred or GSM/WCDMA Auto
--- tile icon indicates which 2G+3G mode is set (2G/3G or 3G/2G)
- Quick settings QuickRecord tile:
--- added option for choosing audio quality
--- added option for choosing auto-stop recording delay
- PowerMenu: added option for hiding expanded desktop toggle in power menu
- Launcher tweaks: adjusted for compatibility with Google Search 4.0.26 (thanks to theknut)
- GravityBox Actions:
--- added action for clearing all notifications
--- added action for toggling auto brightness
- GB App Picker: search field adjusted to allow inputting non-English characters (thanks to momomok)
- Updated Polish translation (thanks to xtrem007)
- Updated Portuguese (BR) translations (thanks to wyghor)
- Updated Chinese (Simplified) translations (thanks to liveasx)
- Updated Chinese (Traditional) translation (thanks to momomok)
- Updated Hungarian translations (thanks to benjoe1)
- Updated Italian translations (thanks to pesa1234)
- Updated Russian translations (thanks to gaich)
Full Changelog:

Screenshots (click to enlarge)
GravityBox [JB] Unlocked Screenshot

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