Friday, November 28, 2014

Neuroshima Hex 2.24 Free Download

Neuroshima Hex apk version 2.24 is the perfect strategy board game port. v2.24 features a new army and some small bug fixes.
Neuroshima Hex APK

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 30MB
Rating: 4.6/5
Type: Brain & Puzzle

★User reviews from the Play Store: ★
“Extremely replayable! Very enjoyable! Think tabletop wargames meets magic or similar card games.” --Jonathan Kehler

“My friends and I have spent over 20 hours playing random armies against one another and it still isn't getting old. Some armies are a bit OP but once you know the strengths and weaknesses of each class you stand a chance in each round.” --Freddie Moore-lagnese

“I love kicking the computer's butt and getting revenge when I lose. The game doesn't keep any statistics so I keep a collection of win screen shots. My goal is to beat every army with every army... It's been taking me a very long time to do this, but I've enjoyed every game, win or lose” --Aaron Parker

- Official Neuroshima Hex game with original artwork
- 4 different armies with unique strategies (next 5 available for purchase)
- Up to 4 players (human or AI)
- 3 AI difficulty levels
- In-game tutorial & manual
- Tons of gameplay
- Easy to learn, hard to master

What’s new in this version 2.24
New Army: Mississippi - units fixes
Fixed several small bugs
Fixes for in-app billing issues
Add better army select panel in custom game


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