Friday, June 5, 2015

Rocket Player Premium APK Download

Enjoy your music like a boss with this awesome music player! Download the unlocked full version of Music Player: Rocket Player Premium apk and listen to your tunes on your terms!

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Size: 8MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Music & Audio

"This is probably the most feature rich free music player! A powerful MP with many options for editing tracks and organizing music that has a simple user interface and regular updates. I've used more than 10 different music players for various android devices, from stock to apk's modified off the internet. This is The best out there, period." -Dean

"All my music is stored in the sdcard and neither amazon music, google music nor the stock player could find it there. Rocket player fills the bill perfectly." -Roberto 

"As a longtime user, I feel very satisfied, since I started w/free version, then purchasing the full version, this has been a smashing player compared to Winamp for Android, and I've been a longtime Winamp for Windows user." -Medina

"Folder and Album Artist tabs are perfect for me and I couldn't find any other player that has those options. Overall it's the best player I used so far and I used a lot of them." -Srdjan 

"The app works perfectly, love the force start option on Bluetooth connect, so I don't have to bother with my phone, when I get in the car." -Martin

Customize, manage and listen to your music library on Android. Features include: equalizer, themes, manage album art, edit tags, multi-select items, 2 lockscreens, embedded lyric support, sleep timer, podcast bookmarks, set ringtones, create/edit playlists.

Rocket Music Player Premium Unlocker full features:
- Support for even more audio formats: Apple Lossless (alac), True Audio (tta), APE (ape), Musepack (mpc),Waveform Audio File (wav), Free Lossless Audio Codec (flac), WavePack (wv) and Windows Media Audio (except lossless and copy protected) (wma)
- Customize sound using a 10 band graphic equalizer
- Limit distortion and clipping with limiter
- Assign an equalizer preset to a song, genre, playlist, artist, album, or podcast
- Preamp to raise and lower volume of songs
- Right/Left balance control
- Use reply gain values precalculated
- Gapless playback to listen as the artist intended
- Variable playback speed (.5-2x) for podcasts to listen to more content, quicker
- Variable playback speed (.5-2x) for music to learn a song, or pick up the pace
- Crossfading to transition from song to song
- Marked gapless albums in iTunes will play gapless when used with iSyncr
- Start/stop time from iTunes is used when used with iSyncr
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What’s new in full version
Fixes Intel Crash
Lollipop SD card support (Edit tags/Delete)
NEW: Live List support for Playlist Shortcuts
FIXED: Skip unplayable songs more gracefully
FIXED: Lollipop stuttering issue
FIXED: Bluetooth disconnect still resumes song
FIXED: Duration not changing
FIXED: Widget sizing issues
FIXED: Keep notification option actually works now...

Ver 3.2.0
NEW: New tablet optimizations
NEW: Album artist tab
NEW: Headset high priority setting
NEW: Chromecast is turned off by default to save resources
FIXED: Random crash while playing music
FIXED: Popping noise with bass booster on in some situations....
Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Download Rocket Player Premium v3.4.0.44 APK:
Rocket Player Store


Should you find any fault with this update, you can go back to v3.4.0.44

Tip: Use Google Chrome browser or Firefox for Android to access and download from Apkradar.

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