Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sixaxis Controller 0.9.0 APK Free Download

Sixaxis Controller apk 0.9.0 lets you use your Sixaxis and DualShock 3 controllers to play your favourite games. Android gaming has just been revolutionized!
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 1.3MB
Rating: 4.3/5
Type: Tools

User Reviews of Sixaxis Controller:
"NES & SNES games: look out! No more of this virtual gamepad nonsense. Bought a Monoprice PS3 controller, ran the compatibility checker (success on Windows 8!), and installed the Sixaxis Controller app. Works like a charm with John NES and Snes9x EX+." --R.J. Walther

"Works wells with note2 I'm using an after market ps3 controller. Im able to play PSP emulators, android games e.g. GTA 3.. This is a revolutionary capability in the works. Wish I could show more support ." --Brandon Obi

"Note 10.1 My apologies. I simply restarted my tablet and now the app seems to be working just as perfect as before. Thanks for the speedy response though. Good customer service + a great working app = 5 stars all day. Thanks again." --Jeremie Andrew

"Thanks for a great app. Sixaxis Controller works great with my Mupen64 Emulator on my Nexus 10, using a Dual shock 3 controller. I haven't had this app long enough to test it thoroughly, but I'm sure it will prove to be well worth the small price I paid for it." --Kevin Ford

"Say goodbye to virtual joysticks! A great app for any dedicated gamer on Android. Everything works flawlessly. Setting up touch profiles takes a little experimenting but once you figure it out, its great. Maybe a future version could include a little tutorial?" --Travis Wolfenberger

Sixaxis Controller App Features:
“Up to four Sixaxis, DualShock 3, DualShock 4 and Navigation controllers supported at once.
- Support as a native gamepad in Android 3.1+ devices. Full support for analog sticks and analog triggers.
- Keyboard emulation. Map all buttons and sticks to almost any key available in Android.
- Mouse emulation. Configure a button to activate the mouse pointer on devices that support mice (most tablets, and many phones should work).
- Touch emulation allows you to map buttons and analog sticks to the screen. Play all your favourite games with full analog support, even those without built-in controller support!
For assistance, full instructions and FAQ, visit our website at http://www.dancingpixelstudios.com”

What’s new in version 0.9.0
- Long awaited support for Android 6.0 Marshmallow!!
- Added DPAD to touch profiles (allows for diagonal input)
- Gyroscope / accelerometer mouse control
- Option to send accelerometer and gyroscope data from controller to AXIS_GENERIC_1 - AXIS_GENERIC_6. If you would like to see motion controls added to your favorite game or app, let the developer know - they will need to add support in their app!
- Touch profiles now copy the background image into the profiles folder
- Various other bug fixes

Sixaxis Controller v0.9.0 Download Links:
Sixaxis Play Store


Previous versions:
v0.8.2 apk:
Direct Drive

v0.8.0 apk:
Direct Drive

“- Not all devices are supported!
- ROOT access is required!
- Due to the way pairing is done with the controllers, you need to manually pair your controller with the PC utility 'SixaxisPairTool' (available on the website) and a mini-USB cable. Android 3.1+ users can also pair directly on their devices via USB.
- It is highly recommended that you use an ORIGINAL controller. Many after market controllers will not work with this app. If you get a 'Client connected: 1' message, but the lights on your controller continue to flash, it is almost certainly not an original Sony controller.
- The fake controllers that are most likely to work (though not guaranteed) are those made by Gasia. If you bought a fake that works but isn't made by Gasia, I'd love to hear from you so I can compile a list of known working controllers.
- Be sure to read the instructions in the help menu carefully.”
Tip: Use Google Chrome browser or Firefox for Android to access and download from Apkradar.

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