Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tasker 4.6 b3 APK Free Download

Download Tasker 4.6 b3 full apk and revolutionize your android experience with total Automation.
Tasker 4.6 APK

Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Size: 3MB
Rating: 4.8/5
Type: Tools

★ User reviews from the Play Store: ★
"This app saves me tons of time. It automates my life. It performs some really complicated tasks without any interactions on my part. I send texts, clock in/out at work, and even call my wife automatically on my drive home." -A Google User

"If you're serious about integrating the full potential of your smartphone(s) and tablet(s) into your life(style), Tasker's the app to build on." -Christian Natiez

"There are times where I miss extremely important calls because of a combination of irresponsible sleeping and my dislike for phone sounds... Now I can make exceptions to silent mode for specific contacts so that when I digitally go missing, my mom won't think I'm dead." -Elisa Cedillos 

Tasker 4.6 is here, enjoy!
* Triggers: App, Time, Day, Location, Hard/Soft State, Event, Shortcut, Widget, Timer, Plugins
* Actions: 200+ built-in, plugin support
* Tasks: loops, variables, conditions
* Scenes: design your own screen overlays
* App Creation: create your own standalone apps to share or sell! (Android 2.3+)

What’s new in version 4.5 b3
support for direct calling of Java functions integrated in normal task flow, see Java in the userguide
test tasks step-by-step and see status of each action as it completes
action App / List Apps
action Script / Java Function, for calling Java functions
action Script / Java Object, for manipulation of Java objects
many long selection lists have a filter field
builtin local var %err (error in last enabled action if set)
task edit screen: currently executing action and status for past-actions displayed when testing
task edit screen: step-by-step task execution button
task tab double-click menu: Kill All option
action list: don't evaluate conditions for disabled actions
test display res/DPI: was caching values and therefore reporting wrong ones after a display rotation
action JavaScript(let): replace variables in Libraries parameter
action category Script -> Code
plugin actions/events/states are grouped per plugin app
action Run Shell: result code is stored in %err (if not 0) (and previously specified for backwards compatibility)
change: when EditActivity has both state and event filters, default to state when receiving REQUEST_QUERY

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