Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Injustice Gods Among Us 2.3.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

The much-awaited update, Injustice Gods Among Us 2.3.0 modded Apk, is finally available (now with unlimited money). v2.3.0 brings a new season with new Booster packs and more surprises.
Injustice Gods Among Us MOD APK
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Size: 1.5GB
Rating: 4.6/5
Type: Arcade & Action

Gods Among Us User Reviews:
This is way too addictive! Great graphics, numerous options, reasonable leveling, cool rewards. Also great that cards & upgrades can be purchased by ingame cash. EDIT: 1 star less because I've just confirmed from other reviews that there's very little chance of making it in multiplayer if you only have bronze cards, which you do start with; even for gold or silver cards, these must already be in levels 10+, and their abilities upgraded if you want to have the chance of winning at least 3 consecutive battles. -Campos

Tried clash of clans for a while but I'm back to this great game. Simple and good to pass the time with. Graphics show very well on my s4 and not mention the easy handle it gives. Do you ever receive a gift for rating it? Usually that'd make it even better but this rating will help. -Martin

This game had me addicted since day one. Just wish that superman wasn't so overpriced since he is my favorite superhero of all time but beyond that this game is badass get it, you wont be disappointed. -angel

I was in the top 4% for the batmobile gear card but my internet wasn't working so I restarted my tablet. When I got back on injustice the next Ares challenge was happening again and there was no notification that I would get my rewards. -Sonny

Pretty good combat system, one hour in and it seems to be mildly hard to get enough credits without paying, but fun nonetheless. The fact you get 15 free full energy restores is just excessively nice. It HAS crashed once, but i didnt seem to lose the energy i would have if the battle went through. -Trystan

Taping, sliding, blocking and special attacks makes this game great, it also has your favorite DC heroes and villians like flash,bane, bat man, sinestro and more! You also get to do competitions for characters you can't buy in the game! -Callum

I have the game on console. After discovering that there was a mobile version, I tried it out and I have to say, the graphics are just as beautiful in the game and the battles in the mobile version make up for the lack of the story/campaign on console. -Michael

What’s new in version 2.3.0 
Mod info: Unlimited cash
Bug fixes.
Challenging Challenges
Tis the season for Godfall Superman, Animated Batman Beyond, MKX Scorpion, and more.
New Booster Packs including:
- Most Wanted Pack — Batman Arkham Origins, Killing Joke Joker, 5x drop rates on Shazam, and more.
- 3 Gear Booster Pack — More gear, for less! Plus Epic gear.
- New Starter Pack — Characters, gear, and support cards at an incredible value.
Player Appreciation
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Injustice Gods Among Us v2.3.0 MOD Download Links:

NOTE: To know what type of gpu you have (adreno, mali,etc) Download CPU-Z 1.08 and check GPU Render information.

Adreno Apk:
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Mali Apk:
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PowerVR Apk:
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Tegra Apk:
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Install Apk, Download data directly from game and play.
(or if it doesn't work: download the game from the Play Store, rename Obb data folder to sth, then install the Mod apk, rename Obb folder back to it name)
NOTE: If you go online you'll get banned and have to reinstall the game!

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  1. Not working...After applying, I got 0 Credits/Money...

  2. Hi Jamal,

    The apk or data is not working at all. I have dell venue 8 android which houses PowerVR SGX MP2 GPU. I downloaded that APK and DATA only but upon launching it say you have not purchased the application, please check license.

    Could you please help ?