Monday, January 19, 2015

SF Launcher 2 Plus 2.0.4 Apk (Unlocked)

SF Launcher 2 Plus apk is a brand new concept in android launcher apps. Based on Material Design (Android 5), it is a joy to have. Unlocked version 2.0.4 apk fixed some bugs.
SF Launcher 2 Plus Apk

Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Size: 8.6MB
Rating: 4.0/5
Type: Personalization

App User Reviews: 
I found this launcher after the XDA write up. It is extremely fluid and nice with my Oppo Find 7, the material design integration is beautiful. I installed it for literally 3 minutes and had already purchased the premium key. I am currently still in the process of getting this set up to my liking, but it shouldn't be long now. SF Launcher 2 Plus is a very pleasant surprise in the murky waters of launchers, I generally just use the AOSP launcher or google launcher. It is clean, straight forward, and displays information clearly. -Spencer 

Refreshing and original! the bad: The app drawer is too sensitive while scrolling. Starting an application causes a short delay, which I didn't find in other launchers. The good: It's all very intuitive to use. I love the cards interface. Waiting for the next updates. -Ronald

I like this launcher model but I would like to be able to set the number of columns on the widget cards the way you can for the shortcut cards because some widgets auto format differently depending on the number of columns, like the accu weather widgets. Also, in the app drawer, with the small icons, there are four columns, but there is enough space between the icons to squeeze in a fifth column, I think. And I would like the app drawer background to be pure black and remove the header background. -Scott

Good concept, but SF Launcher 2 Plus is definitely not as smooth as other launchers on my nexus 6. Noticeable amount of lag returning to the launcher when pressing the home button and stutters when scrolling. Fix the responsiveness and it's 5 star. -Zeke

SF Launcher 2 is a complete rewrite of the original SF Launcher designed with Material Design and Android 5.0 Lollipop in mind. Unlike most other third-party launchers, which use roughly the same homescreen format as the default launcher, SF Launcher 2 is designed around a scrolling list of cards, which can contain widgets or apps, below one of twelve cityscape headers that change based on the time of day.
Standard features on the market

SF Launcher Plus unlocks additional features and customization options:
• Change the background color of the overall launcher and the app drawer
• Change the background color of individual cards
• Third-party icon packs
• Third-party SF Launcher themes (which can add new headers, color swatches, and background themes)
• Hide unwanted apps from the app drawer
If you bought SF Launcher Plus for the original version of SF Launcher, you can continue to use it with SF Launcher 2 for no additional fee.

SF Launcher 2 is designed to work best with Android 5.0+, but is compatible with versions back to Android 4.1.

What’s new in SF Launcher 2 version 2.0.4
Bonus: Unlocked Plus features Added wallpaper picker in settings
Various bug fixes (particularly for 4.x)

Screenshots (click to enlarge)
SF Launcher 2 Plus v2.0.4 Apk Download Links:
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