Monday, January 19, 2015

Tap Titans 1.1.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Tap Titans is, as the name suggests, a tapping game to kill some time and have some fun. Download version 1.1.4 modded with unlimited money and kill you some monsters.
Tap Titans 1.1.4 MOD APK

Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Size: 39MB
Rating: 4.7/5
Type: Role Playing

Tap Titans User Reviews: 
Good time waster! And that's pretty much it! You don't have to do anything else but just keep tapping the screen, and slashing helpless monsters that doesn't even fight back. What makes Tap Titans kind of addictive is that you keep earning money and upgrading your hero. -Roman

It's like your classic clicker game but with a twist, the only thing I wish it had was character customization, not extremely details but hair color and clothing.  -Cristian

When the fairies drop gifts that have prompts, like videos or earn-per-click things, my screen darkens and becomes unresponsive for 15 seconds or thereabouts, but I never get any benefit, nor a video for that matter. -Cedric

Tap Titans is amusing and a good thing to check in every little while for fun, but I've noticed that the gold cost curve becomes unrealistic eventually. I am currently at the point where it's 4 denominations of gold to get the the next hero I believe that you use a exponential equation to calculate you costs, that works for everything but the hero costs. It just takes to long to advance and for a non complex game that doesn't work well, will just throw off customers. It's so bad that you would need to spend quite a bit of money just to accomplish a little advancement. -Travis

Tap to attack, tap to slay, tap to collect gold, tap to hire heroes...* HIRE 30 animated heroes to help you along your journey
* DEFEAT 60 unique and destructive monsters
* EXPLORE 10 beautiful, hand-crafted environments
* PRESTIGE to new worlds to collect relics used to buy precious artifacts
* SUMMON 30 powerful artifacts to give your heroes special abilities

What’s new in version 1.1.4
Mod extra: Unlimited money
Relics bug fixed

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

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Install APK and play.

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