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TSF Launcher 3D Shell 3.3 Apk Download

TSF Launcher 3D Shell apk version 3.3 completely revamped the app. Smoother operations, stunning visuals, various fixes makes this update a must to download.
TSF Shell 3D Launcher free download

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 10MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Personalization

★ TSF Launcher User Reviews: ★
For those using variations of stock launcher like Nova/Apex, TSF allows the same type of organization with significant extra customization and polish. Being able to place/size icons/widgets how you like them allows for cunningly ergonomic yet nice looking arrangements on larger screen phones. When you have 1 hour and 55 minutes to spare, sit down and try it (if it's not for you, you can refund). TSF is also reliable and smooth as butter. -Randy

I'd been waiting 11 months for this major update and I am not disappointed. The whole interface has changed with menus much clearer and intuitive. I love the free floating desktop but the desktop reference grid is pretty helpful. Lasso effect is one of my favorite applications. More icon support with the ability to change the font size (it's pretty tiny), and the folder icons (you can change everything but) would make TSF Launcher 3D Shell 5 stars! -Tim

TSF is smooth as silk, intuitive, fast, really really good looking, flexible, engaging, never dull. Could you make a keyboard with the same visual characteristics the folders have when opened, frosted transparency? -Frank

It took a year for this to be updated so I switched launchers for that whole time because TSF kept reloading. I figured I'd give this a shot again now that it's been updated. It took a day or two to get used to the changes, but it is working really well now. It's very fast and smooth. It is very different than the prior versions but it's much simpler (in a good way). You can change each and every icon which I was happy to see. A lot of the old themes aren't working so I'm hoping there will be some more coming, especially some that change the clock colors. I also hope in future versions you can make each folder from a different theme. The only thing I don't like compared to the older version is the side dock, so I am using Glovebox with TSF and it's working out well. I'm looking forward to more updates, themes and hopefully some new TSF widgets. -Pam

TSF Launcher Description:
TSF Shell is a brand-new 3D launcher that will subvert your concept of the mobile device home screen operations. It offers smooth, unique and customized man-machine interactive operation experience.
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What’s new in latest .apk version 3.3
New Desktop Effect
Automatic Classification
New Icon Lable Style
New Themes
Improvement and fixed
Fixed freezing issue of adding system widgets in Galaxy S5
Fixed power consumption issue
Fixed wallpaper can not be centered in some devices
Fixed other known bugs

v 3.2.1
V3.2 (2015/1/6)
1.New SideMenu
2.Fixed other known bugs.

V3.1.3 (2014/12/28)
Fixed GPS issue(for weather location)
Fixed crash bugs
Fixed other bugs
V3.1.2.1 (2014/12/27)
Fixed crash bugs
V3.1 (2014/12/26)
Everything Has Changed

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Update Available: Free Download TSF Shell Launcher version 3.4

Other versions:
TSF 3.2.1 - 3.1.3
TSF 2.0.7
TSF 2.0.6 
TSF 2.0.5
TSF 2.0.4
TSF 2.0.2
TSF 2.0.1

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