Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wipeout Android Apk v1.4 Download and Reviews

It's finally here, the android game based on your favorite TV show. Free download Wipeout Apk version 1.4 and have crazy hilarious fun!
Wipeout Apk

Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up
Size: 35MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Arcade & Action

Wipeout Game User Reviews:
"I would say that the repetitious replaying of the levels to earn enough coins to unlock the next area is cumbersome but I can't when it's so fun to play my favorite game show on my phone. It would be nice to be able to unlock season 2 when season one is completed with all first places and season 3 with all of season two the same way and so on and so forth." -By Chris

"Nice clean graphics and I haven't noticed any lagging. The price is a little high for this game though. I can get different games just as fun if not better for cheaper and even free." -By Martin

"Perfect game for kids/adults that enjoy challenges and don't allow them to get so mad that you want to throw your device." -By Robin

"It needs more levels and a better way to earn more coins for new levels. Playing the same levels over and over again is kinda annoying." -By Nakia

o Wiping out has never been this fun! Earn style points for every victory as well as every Wipeout
o Master classics like the Topple Towers and the infamous Big Balls, and face new challenges you've never seen before
o Choose from a range of wacky contestants with unique abilities to conquer courses in the quickest time
o New to Wipeout or just having an off day? No Problem! Hone your skills in Time Trial mode, and try to get the perfect run on every round
o Play through entire seasons including fan-favorite themes and locations such as Sports Night and Old MacBallsy
o Re-run your epic Wipeouts in super-slow motion: capture that perfect Wipeout moment and send a snapshot to your friends!
o Cash in your style points to unlock new shows, contestants, and power-up helmets
o Compete with your friends, earn achievements, and work your way up the score board as you face off against tougher and tougher contestants
Download Wipeout and bounce your way to victory today!

What’s new in apk version 1.4
- Miscellaneous Optimizations for Android

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