Monday, February 2, 2015

BackStab 1.2.8d APK MOD + SD DATA

Backstab, one of the most recognized android action games, is now available for free download. This is the Mega Mod with unbeatable features (see Hacks below). Get ready to kill!
Requirements: Android 5.0 and up
Size: 1.3GB
Rating: 4.0/5
Type: Arcade & Action

User Reviews from the Play Store:
I downloaded this game on a whim, last night and can't stop playing it. I watched the trailer and instantly thought of assassins creed, which is a series I love dearly. Now I have an amazing game for my phone that hits every point. Graphics, story, acting, kills, and fighting. Well done and keep up the amazing work. -Andrew

I never thought I'd see the day that I could play a game that's so in depth and entertaining on a phone. But gameloft seems to have this all figured out! Between Backstab, Wild Blood, and the many other high end games by gameloft I have sold all my game consoles and spend my free time pulling my games out of my pocket! -Bill

Better game than most, voices are a little irritating and character detail is pretty lacking. Temple sections get repetitive quickly, but long storyline and has you doing various tasks, have some choice over when to continue main narrative, can pursue side quests, run packages etc. Entertaining, but one to dip in and out of, doesn't draw you in to the extent of truly amazing games. -Holly

One of Gameloft's better produced titles. Solid gameplay backed by an energetic soundtrack, great voice acting, and detailed environments. -Andrew

BackStab For Android Features:
- Discover a blockbuster production with the best graphics, an unprecedented story & endless content.
- Experience an action-packed adventure with open environments, deep combat, platforming and more.
Witness a dark and action-packed tale of treason and revenge
- Become a rogue killer with nothing left to live for but vengeance on those who betrayed him.
- Use agility, strength and cunning to get the drop on your target, eliminate them quickly and escape.
- Master the combo-based combat system to slay anyone standing between you and your prey.
For the 1st time on Android, explore a beautiful 18th century Caribbean island
- Experience an immersive world through impressive character interactions and lifelike voice effects.
- Roam across a vast island full of exotic 3D environments like jungles, beaches, a volcano and more.
- Investigate 4 unique cities to find new quests and secrets.

What's hacked in this Mod:
1. Enemies do not attack
2. God mode (Does not prevent instant death)
3. Infinite grenades
4. Gold multiplier
5. Infinite ammo
6. Infinite items
7. No wanted level
8. Walk through pedestrians
9. 1 hit kill
10. Can always jump
11. Full DRM bypass*
12. Full file check bypass
* Timestamp check, UID check, account check, online check, etc.

What’s new in latest version 1.2.8d
Several bugs fixed. More devices supported

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

BackStab v1.2.8d MOD APK + DATA Download Links:

Direct Drive

- Install Apk
- Extract Sd Data and copy ‘’ Folder to sdcard/Android/Data
- Launch the Game

If you get 'There is a problem parsing the package':
This application requires Android 5.0+ to be installed correctly.

Tip: Use Google Chrome browser or Firefox for Android to access and download from Apkradar.


  1. My phone has a Mali 720 mp GPU with 1.3 GHz processor I downloaded lollipop version after placing files in specified folder I cannot get it to work it is saying to download 1284 mb data why why why?

  2. Unfortunately stops after only advertisement why??