Friday, February 13, 2015

Couple Tracker - Phone monitor 1.38 APK

Prevent affairs and reduce the risk of infidelity and jealous behavior with Couple Tracker Phone monitor Apk version 1.38 for android.
Couple Tracker Phone monitor Apk

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Size: 2.9MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Communication

Couple Tracker User Reviews:
Before we married back in January 2014 we got this app. My husband did some pretty stupid nonsense and I was not innocent, either. This app is pretty fun. I like that I can see the numbers of who he's contacting or contacted him, then I can copy them to my phone. He can't delete or hide anything. He's gone to work for days, so he likes that he knows where I am with the GPS tracker. Upgrading and downloading is confusing, but it's workable. We use the free app. -Sophie

Almost perfect... it just needs to show when someone gets a picture message. Because you can add text to those messages and you would never know what said.. -Vincent

I bought the paid version as the free version was super limited and I had no choice if I wanted to actually be able to read messages or see them all. I would really like it if in the future there was an upgrade add on to view all characters of a message in both text and Facebook. I would also like it if Couple Tracker showed snapchat and what's app messages and pictures too since those are popular apps. -Dustin

It would be better if it included Gmail considering you have to connect it anyway. Also the fb message would be the entire message at least the last 5 inboxes. 3 doesn't really tell you much. -Ashley

Description & Features:
How application works:
You AND your partner will both install Couple Tracker and connect your accounts
You will see your partner's texts, calls and FB records AND vice versa
(Both partners receive permanent notification, it is not possible to hide application !)

- Both will see 50 CHARACTERs of every SMS that your love receive or send.
- Both will see Call history of your partner (With names stored in his/her contact list).
- Current location is recorded and saved in 30 minute interval to location / GPS history.
- Location history is archived and shared for 2 weeks.
- Both will see Facebook conversation statistics (Name and number of messages per day).
- Both will see last message of each Facebook conversation.
- Everything is in real-time. (Just few seconds after your partner receive call, SMS...)
- Deleting of SMS or Call log doesn't help, Couple Tracker is faster ;) (There i no way how to hide activity or remove something (SMS, FB, Call))
- One simple limitation: Mutual monitoring or nothing

What’s new in apk version 1.38
Android 5.0 - Lollipop ready
Redesign and new layout of application & new logo of Couple Tracker
400% Faster synchronization (Live location synchronized every 5-15 minutes, calls/messages within 5-20 seconds)

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

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