Thursday, February 26, 2015

High Sea Saga Apk Mod v1.2.7 (Money, Coins, Food, Free Shop)

If you're in the mood for a retro style sea adventure, then you're in luck, High Sea Saga mod apk version 1.2.7 delivers just that with a twist. Pirate sims will never be this fun.
High Sea Saga Apk Mod

Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Size:  9.6MB
Rating: 4.0/5
Type: Simulation

High Sea Saga User Reviews:
IAPs isn't anything new in this era of mobile gaming to be honest. So why Kairo is heading towards this direction isn't surprising at all. The game is alright, they managed to keep the core features of the old Kairo games. What I really dislike about HSS is the stamina system. Whether people like to rush through the game content or spend time unlocking hidden stuff, I feel that Kairo shouldn't restrict their gamers to one type of gaming style by having the stamina system. -Eugene

The IAP system used in High Sea Saga is appalling and effectively prevents you from progressing at a decent pace unless you pay a monthly fee, as though this were an MMO. -Adam

I would like to praise Kairosoft for yet another great game but I do have to say I am disappointed that some parts of the game either needs time or you have to avail of their iap. Getting medals is pretty difficult yet you need those to recruit crew members. It's like, limiting my actions as a heavy gamer. I hope they would reconsider the medals in recruiting. They could increase gold requirement instead. -Ryan

High Sea Saga is a fun game with no time limit, PVP and lots of content. The IAP doesn't get in the way at all and you get 50 free premium currency a day just for owning other games from the company. -Joshua

Despite my personal dislike of the pay monthly options, which are not required, this game is quite pleasant and combines fun aspects from Beastie Bay/Kairobotica with some new ideas and it's enjoyable for a time. Certainly worth the low price of entry, though I'm not sure why it wasn't free with these extra IAP's. Try it and see. -Nathan

Mod features:
No ads, (somewhat) unlimited money and coins and more.

Description & Features:
“Riches of legend inhumed in secret sites across the world, savage monsters to thwart each turn of your trek, rival players looking to scuttle your ship--such maritime mayhem and more await on this finest of swashbuckling simulations!

You'll need a trusty team to surmount the odds, not to mention a vessel--so make sure you choose only the savviest of seadogs, and construct a jolly craft of true piratical proportions!”

What’s new in version 1.2.7
Please try if you can not boot if you will need to clear your Google Play's data and cache
Screenshots (click to enlarge)

High Sea Saga v1.2.7 Mod Apk Free Download Links:

Note: To Remove Ads, get Gold Pass and Extra Medals use Shop.
Note: You can't buy medals/coins from the shop.

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