Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sworkit Pro Custom Workouts 5.60.05 APK

Free download Sworkit Pro Custom Workouts v5.60.05 apk for android. Your own gym in your pocket. Get fit on your own terms cost-effectively and productively.
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Size: 67MB
Rating: 4.7/5
Type:  Health & Fitness 

"This Pro version is just the cherry on top Sworkit is as close to perfect as there will ever be. An astonishing diversity of exercises, plenty of options for customization, average learning curve, and with the option for custom workouts, it's as great for beginners as it is for experienced users who are bored or tired of doing things off the top of their head." Ben

"So many people can't make the gym but want/need to work out. Sworkit pro gives you the ability to train without having to come up with endless routines as it does that for you. Video instructions are easy to follow plus it links with myfitnesspal if you use that. If you train or have a goal, get this on your phone." -Paul

"I've been using it for almost two weeks and I'm losing weight. I love the fact that it tells you the next step and keeps your heat rate up. There are two problems I do have with it though. One being the fact that I can't disable the videos without deleting them. The other is that my music stops every time a video starts during my workout, it's annoying and distracting." -Shannon

"No need for a gym, body weight workouts are as effective and this app makes them simple to do. That it syncs with MyFitnessPal is a great addition." -Alex

- Save & Build multiple custom workouts: Create your own Custom Workouts using any exercises in our library for a fully personalized experience. Great for focused workouts, injury recovery, new challenges, coach created training. high calorie burn, and quick stretches. Download free custom workouts like Low Impact (No Jumping), Pregnancy - Full Body, Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Full Body, Runner's Warm-up, Office Chair Workout-Stretch, ABsolutely Awesome, Plyometrics, Golfer Workout, Around the Office, Surfer Workout and more
- More Exercises
- Adjustable interval lengths
- Access to complete workout history
- Extra Rewards Points (US only)
- Enable/Disable Rewards
- Sync with MyFitnessPaldetails on the Play Store

What’s new in version 5.60.05 apk
Minor update.
Exercise videos are now installed with the app instead of a download separately. Don't worry, we'll delete the old ones so you can save space. You can still disable the automatically played videos from Settings if you prefer.
Ver 5.60.02
We like the way you Swork It! New Spotify integration to add extra motivation through our curated workout playlists.
ver 5.50.06
Bug fixes and performance enhancements
New Landscape Mode for Workout Screen
Quick Tabata & HIIT options in Advanced Timing settings
Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Hindi added!
Next Exercise preview for workouts. Use settings on Workouts screen to disable.

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Download Sworkit Pro Custom Workouts APK v5.60.05:

Previous ver 5.50.07:

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