Saturday, June 13, 2015

Crossy Road MOD APK 1.1.0 (Unlocked, Unlimited Coins)

A very addictive one-touch action game, Crossy Road -mod apk- has finally made its way into the android market. You basically have to get the chicken to cross the road But there is no other side, and you're just dodging traffic and all sorts of things. Update 1.1.0 adds 6 new characters.

Requirements: Android 2.3 and Up
Size: 29MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Action

"I just unlocked all 90 Characters and I'm craving more. You should have new characters from a carnival, such as Carnival Chicken, Clown, Balloon Boy, Funny Monkey, Acrobat, etc... but it's just me, other people would want different ones. The level design for those characters can be with cars replaced with bumper cars, trains replaced with Rollercoasters, and logs replaced with Water rides. And by the way, I would really like a way to get unlimited coins, I'm on Crossy Road version 1.0.9." -Jimmy

"I had this game on my iPhone before I decided to go to Android and while the game itself is enjoyable still, I don't understand why things have been left out. The way to unlock Kai Cheng was to collect the red tokens as either Xi or the Fortune Chicken but these tokens no longer lay around whereas the iPhone version of Crossy Road had these from the get go, they were everywhere!" -Luke

"This game is like the modern generation of snake in terms of epicness for smartphones. Simple, awesome graphics, fluid on all devices, genuine gameplay with lots of amazing characters and outstanding animations." -Dylan

"I really do like this game but I just did the update and I have lost ALL my coins, I had over 500 coins. And I lost ALL the characters I unlocked and my record top spot. It's like starting all over again." -Katrina

- Collect over 70 retro-styled, pop art inspired characters
- Cross roads, train tracks, and rivers – endlessly hop forever
- Dodge traffic in a candy wonderland with the Android Robot
- Simple, pure, innovative gameplay
- Free to play

What’s new in version 1.1.0
Micro Update - 6 new characters
Ver 1.0.9
- Support for devices experiencing issues starting the game
- Fixed coin refreshing issue
- Removed Location permission (used with 3rd party ad providers)
- Fixed bugs
Ver 1.0.5
- Piggy Bank's red coins restored
- Full screen immersive mode restored
- Enabled the setting to turn off shadows
***The Chinese characters are here!***
- Fortune Chicken FREE for limited time!
- Support for x86 Android devices
- Updated save system
- Frankenstein and Emo Goose fixes
- Fixes for Lollipop devices
- General game maintenance
Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Crossy Road 1.1.0 Mod Apk Download Links:

Hacks in mod v1.1.0:
1. Infinite coins
2. Unlock characters
* Close & relaunch app to activate the cheats

Previous Crossy Road versions

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