Sunday, May 31, 2015

FPse for android 0.11.168 Apk + Bios

Have you ever wanted to play your PS1 games on your android?! with FPse for android 0.11.168 apk, you can do that and more. Download the app with the bios file below and enjoy retro gaming like a boss.
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up, Lucky patcher OR Modded Play Store
Size: 2.7MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Entertainment

FPse User Reviews:
This emulator allowed me to replay Chrono Cross in all its glory. For the joy derived from that experience alone I give this app 5 stars. -Benjamin

FPse is a well developed PlayStation emulator. Games played work well. They might even play perfectly, heck, I don't know! FPse keeps updating from when I had first bought it and consistently gets better. The recent v011.163 has made my 3D games flawless with OpenGL and the latency compliments. -Stuart

Some games don't work like Road Rash and many Tomb Raider games. I would give 5 stars but this emulator needs some save state bugs fixed and higher compatibility with some ps1 games. Almost the best on Google Play... falling behind epsxe in terms of game compatibility though. -Gary

Make sure you save when you exit the app while leaving the game on. It will restart no matter what. Smooth and good layout. The menu is clunky but functional. It only supports fast forward with a controller, not on touchscreen. -Rico

I get to play my old psx games from when I was younger. Great app, a little difficult at first but easy learning curve, just follow directions in the help menu. -Richard

What's new in apk version 0.11.168
- Fix for x86 cpu's and hd soft video mode
Ver 0.11.167
- Added very smart .zip .rar .7z .ecm and .ape uncompressing feature
- Added support for x86 cpu's, much faster
- Added NFS client support, from misc/path
- Improved ripped iso support
- Added .zip .rar .7z .ecm and .ape to file browsers autoloading
- Auto-creation of .cue file if it does not exist
- Fixed Cheats engine
- Fixed Audio plugin save bug
- Improved highly speed
- Added full support for Android TV

Ver 0.11.165 build 455
- Added Assign HW Key menu
- Added new Advanced OpenGL Soft video mode, much more accurate
- Improved ripped ISO support
- Fixed keyboard support...

FPse 0.11.164:
- More Small Fixes
FPse 0.11.163:
- Fixed OpenGL plugin on Adreno high end GPU's and Lollipop
- Added one step to glboost option, 'Normal' use now less memory , if you have less framerate in opengl, change it and restart game.
- Many Small Fixes
Any problem? reset settings from misc menu of fpse

Screenshots (click to enlarge)
FPse for android screenshot
FPse for android screenshot

FPse for android Apk v0.11.168 free download links:
FPse Play Store


Remove license verification with Lucky patcher via ‘Custom patch’ by SanX.
Install and play with 'Modded Google play Installer'

America - SCPH1001: Download
Japan - SCPH1000: Download
Europe - SCPH7003: Download

The one that works for most emulators is the American version, SCPH1001. Try that BIOS file unless your emulator specifically states otherwise.

Unzip the downloaded file. Take the BIOS file (which ends in .bin) and place it in the same folder as your ROMs. Upon starting up your emulator, you should be prompted for the PlayStation BIOS file. If not, simply select it from the ROM selection screen in the emulator.

Sites to download game ROMs:

Previous version:
FPse 0.11.165

Tip: Use Google Chrome browser or Firefox for Android to access and download from Apkradar.

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