Wednesday, May 20, 2015

FX-Racer Unlimited APK 1.2.26 (formerly Formula Unlimited)

The game formerly known as Formula Unlimited 2014 just got rebranded as FX-Racer Unlimited (in ver 1.2.26 apk). A complete redesign with brand new content.

Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
Size: 37MB
Rating: 4.2/5
Type: Racing

Game User Reviews:
"The game overall is good but can use more graphical improvements and sounds with realistic noise from an f1 car. Plus some more maps that don't look all the same would be nice. Adding more f1 cars would also be a nice addition." -Giovany

"It reminds me of the 2005 PSP handheld F1 game, it is enjoyable but can be improved a lot. I still don't get it why games on android are far behind in graphics, it's 2015 and like I said it looks and feels like a 2005 game. The buttons are a very good improvement and works properly, tracks are flat always with no up or down hills and don't match the real ones, suddenly I miss my PSP, but overall not too bad." -Leon

"I like the way FX-Racer Unlimited is made and I love the graphics. There is one little problem though. If you guys could make the AI just a tad bitless aggressive that would be great. At least until people can upgrade because it becomes hard to win enough money for fuel, tires, and upgrades to we need to buy. But other than that it's a really great game. If you are a formula 1 or just a die-hard racer like me you will love this and the challenge it brings." -James

FX-Racer Unlimited.apk Features:
“Have fun in this new FX-Racer version. This is a high-level competition game with exclusive cars
Competing in FX-Racer championship is a new challenge for the Racing Gamer.
Great graphic improvements over earlier versions.
Cars can be updgraded before each championship race. You can make improvements in engine power,
aerodynamics, tyre wear and bodywork's impact structure.
In race tyre degradation.
Car damage in collision.
Now all circuits have a PitLane for tyre change and car repairing.
Pit stops.
HUD with other pilot's pit stops.
HUD with position and distance of the car behind us.
All circuits are completely redesigned with new graphical improvements.”
More features on the Android Store.

What’s new in version 1.2.26
- Improved HUD
- HUD Rpm and gears.
- Music
- Improved control
- Improved physical
- Improved effects
Ver 1.2.18
- Improves load time
- Improves performance

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

FX-Racer Unlimited 1.2.26 Apk Download Links:
Google Play Store

This game was formerly called Formula Unlimited 2014 so don't get confused.

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