Friday, May 29, 2015

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0 Build 14 APK + MOD (No Damage) for all Android devices

We just got the latest build 14 of Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0 apk update for android. This version features more Boats options, new Fishing Rod, Block of Redstone, more Food items, new exclusive Mobs to version 0.11, Creative Inventory additions and much more. See What's New below and scroll down to download the apk.

Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
Size: 13MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Arcade & Action

Minecraft PE 0.11 Users Reviews:
"It does work on my phone, and with the new update, all the lag seems to have gone, a good purchase. Things I would like to see in the future: carpets, horses, nether, One thing that would be on the list, but I need to clear up. I would like to see Redstone implemented in, BUT only buttons and pressure plate. The reason why I don't want to have it fully put in Minecraft is because I do Redstone on console, and I don't see it working." -Ryan

"Not really much to say about this latest update, just fix the bugs. If you can add maybe some vanilla mods, that'd be great. Mojang! if you're reading this you know what we want. Take some of the best mods for mcpe and make them into the vanilla script." -Lee

"Minecraft Pocket Edition should have Redstone and things that need Redstone like an iron door or iron trapdoor and pressure pads and it should also allow you to change your world from survival or creative." -Keith

What’s New in Pocket Edition version 0.11.0
  - Support for more languages, Death messages, Custom kick and ban messages, Fishing, Frame rate graph screen, Localisation, Text formatting codes, Show server status and message of the day on server entries screen
  - Boats (with version exclusive properties): Larger in size. Crafting recipe is 5 wood planks and a wooden shovel. When in boat, two buttons for steering appear. The right button steers to the left, the left button steers to the right. Pressing both buttons move forward. Boats are more resistant to damage - when colliding with another block the boat will not break, Can support two riders, including passive mobs (Passive mobs can ride in a boat without the player).
  - Grass Path: Grass path blocks that are lower than normal grass blocks. To create, tap and hold a grass block with a shovel. Replaces the gravel paths in villages.
  - Fishing Rods: Version exclusive: Cubic Bobber.
  - Block of Redstone: Only purpose is to store redstone dust
  - Foods: Raw Fish, Cooked Fish, Raw Salmon, Cooked Salmon, Clownfish, Pufferfish, Rotten Flesh,
  - Magma cream: (inventory editing only)
  - Bats, Squid (Version exclusive: Baby squid - Produces a black cloud of "ink" when attacked), Cave spiders, Spider jockeys, Baby zombies, Chicken jockeys
  - Through inventory editing (from spawn eggs only): Ghasts, Magma cubes
  - Player can choose 'Steve' and 'Alex' models or their own custom skin (uses the same format as PC)
  - Rename worlds
  - Change gamemode
  - Lock/unlock day cycle
  - Make old worlds infinite
  - Added view bobber slider
Status effects (Potions won't be added until the Nether is added.)
  - Currently, only poison, nausea and hunger can be attained from cave spiders, raw food and pufferfish
• Creative Inventory Additions
  - Iron Shovel
  - Fishing Rods
  - Spawn Eggs:
    +Squid spawn egg
    +Bat spawn egg
    +Through inventory editing
    +Ghast spawn egg
    +Magma cube spawn egg
    +Cave spider spawn egg

Tweaks in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0
  - Added a hide button to the chat screen
  - Moved the Edit button in the world selection menu from the top right corner to the side of each world, along with a new icon
  - External button now appears when tapping New rather than Edit.
  - Improved World/IP list
  - Added hat layer of pigmen heads, like the PC version
  - Particle effects, block breaking animations and sounds from other players are now shown on multiplayer
  - Updated inventory icon from a Brick block to a chest
  - Stone brick variants: chiseled, cracked and mossy, can now be crafted in survival
  - Mineshafts have cave spider spawners
  - Colored, bold, and italic text in chat and on signs.
  - Limited player names to PC allowed names
  - Wolves' collars are now dyeable
  - Zombies now drop rotten flesh
  - Improved performance when turning
  - Improved multiplayer bandwidth usage
  - Improved client/server communication
  - Improved disconnection messages
  - Improved text rendering
  - Improved world loading
  - Improvements to multiplayer spawning
  - Faster torch placing (less lag)
  - Added server-side checks on games
  - Non-fancy render mode now works properly

Bug fixes
  - Fixed the block break feedback circle disappearing on suspend
  - Fixed crashes while saving world
  - Fixed crashes on armor screen
  - Fixed crashes on furnace screen
  - Fixed world not being saved
  - Fixed world crash when unknown blocks are present
  - Fixed trees growing on the client
  - Fixed desert wells and special biomes (Birch Forest M, Birch Forest Hills M, Extreme Hills M, Extreme Hills+ M) not generating
  - Fixed issue with connecting to local games
  - Chat now creates more lines for a single phrase if long enough
  - Fixed emerald ore floating
  - Fixed emerald ore generating in place of monster eggs
  - Fixed picking up items not having an animation
 ...Plus much more fixes

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.11.0 APK (Build 14):

UPDATE AVAILABLE: Download Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13.1

v0.11.0 APK:

Remember: Version 0.11.0 is still in its early stages (Alpha/Beta builds are released to the Beta community only). If you find any fault with this update, you can go back to the latest stable release MCPE 0.10.5 or some previous version of your choosing.

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