Friday, April 10, 2015

TinyKeep Apk 2.2 + Data for Android

Download TinyKeep apk version 2.2 and play a gorgeous port of a roguelike pc dungeon crawler. The game tasks the player with escaping a randomly generated dungeon filled with monsters, traps, fire and coins.

Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Size: 212MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Role Playing

User Reviews:
"I love roguelikes and I love my Nvidia Shield Tablet - it's like TinyKeep was meant for me. I was looking for something well-made to play until Tome is released on Android. This is everything I wanted and more. Thanks for porting such a great game to the android os." -Jack

The BEST rogue like dungeon crawler! I only wish I was able to find and equip armor...maybe I'm not far enough yet? I can't seem to beat the first boss, he's super tough and I get swarmed but I love the challenge. I'm playing it on a Nvidia Shield and works great, it works just as well on my Note 4. -Stephen 

The game is still brand new so don't forget to leave your feedback and reviews in the comments section below.

TinyKeep Features:
- Procedurally generated random dungeons – no playthrough is ever the same!
- Watch your step as it can be your last! Extremely challenging Permadeath gameplay
- Explore a variety of beautiful but deadly environments. From the cold slimy walls of the dungeon to the hot fiery pits of hell, TinyKeep is a visual treat.
- Battle a variety of intelligent enemies, each one determined to make your escape as difficult as possible. Creatures work together to chase you down, flee from threats and fight each other for dominance.
- Use traps and environmental hazards to your advantage - fire, spike pits and rotating crushers hurt your enemies as well as you!
- Collect coins from fallen foes to purchase random player-altering Buffs that just might give you the advantage you need to make it out alive.
- Rescue other captives to fight along side you, but beware as you never know which ones have gone crazy trapped up in the Keep.
- Experience 3 separate endings to the game, depending on how you play.
- Hours of gameplay with Secrets that extend the experience – Discover items and weapons that can slow down time, render you invincible or provide secret saves.
- New Game+ mode for players that prefer the extra challenge!

What’s new in apk version 2.2
Added support for other high-performance Android devices
Android TV and Tegra 4 support added

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

TinyKeep 2.2 Apk + Data Free Download Links:


- Download and install Apk,
- Extract Sd Data and copy ‘com.phigames.tinykeepmobilepaid’ Folder to sdcard/Android/obb
- Have fun!

Tip: Use Google Chrome browser or Firefox for Android to access and download from Apkradar.

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