Saturday, May 16, 2015

Boom Beach Apk + Data for Android (No Mod)

Prove your strategy skills to the world in Boom Beach (apk v21.157 downloadable below). Enter the battlefield for some of the most epic battles of your life! Just to be clear this is the official apk from Supercell (No mod available yet for this game same as Clash of Clans).

Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up
Size: 90MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Strategy

"Outstanding graphics. Excellent use of strategy in enemy bases. Appropriate resource costs and resulting game time. This game is well planned and designed to keep you interested. Warning to strategy game players: you can get addicted." -Erik

"It's fun at first when you can save for upgrades but later on it is almost impossible to save enough resources for an upgrade before they are stolen. You lose areas to renegades and Blackguard faster than you can win them. Then your resource bases all get captured by people you can never beat, even when you get another person they are tougher than you are. It's easier and cheaper just to never bother playing in the first place. Too bad there's no item mod for this!!" -Charles

- Play with millions of other players, raid hundreds of enemy bases for loot
- Battle for control of precious resources to upgrade your base against enemy attacks
- Explore a huge tropical archipelago and discover the mysterious power of the Life Crystals
- Face fearsome Blackguard Bosses and uncover their evil plans
- Join other players to form an unstoppable Task Force to take on co-op missions

Under our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, Boom Beach is allowed for download and play only for persons 13 years or over of age without parental consent.

Note: A network connection is required to play

What’s new in version 21.157
- A new enemy approaches: Colonel Gearheart! Tear down her War Factories in the hunt for prototype modules
- Hammerman attacks YOU…
- Events are now daily!
- Prototype Weapons Lab
- Assemble experimental and unstable prototype defenses
- Distract and destroy with a new Gunboat ability: Critters
- Two new super-challenging operations
- Watch your attack replays from the improved activity log
- One-time only player name change
- Arabic language support
Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Download Boom Beach APK:

Install the apk, Extract and copy the data folder to Android/obb, and play the game ONLINE.
You can find tips and strategies using Google search.

To play the game offline, try this:
- Download and install: Noroot Firewall
- Run the app, click "Start" to create a virtual VPN
- Want to play the game offline, click "Allow", if not "Deny"
- Want to see more? Go to "Apps" tab to customize: WIFI is allowed but not 3G

Tip: Use Google Chrome browser or Firefox for Android to access and download from Apkradar.

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