Thursday, September 17, 2015

CaroO Pro (Dashcam & OBD) APK

CaroO Pro is a highly rated dashcam and OBD app. Version features some overall improvements and optimizations.

Requirements: Android 2.3 and up (4.0+ recommended)
Size: 7MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Transportation

User reviews of CaroO Pro: 
"I've used several dash cam apps and Caro0 Pro is the most feature rich and reliable of the whole lot (using it on Samsung Galaxy Note 3). Users complaining about the battery drain situation, I am using a 2 Amp Garmin car charger - it fully charges phone while app is running with OBD device connected." -John

"I drive everywhere with the app running. It's working well with a Bluetooth OBD 2 unit and constantly plugged in. It would be useful if the ability existed to add a second phone camera Eg at rear of the car to record simultaneously. For example, I've a spare WiFi camera sitting in a drawer doing nothing." -Grenville

"A perfect tool of defense. CaroO Pro is an invaluable tool to defend yourself from other people' careless driving. You can play back an accident immediately so the authorities can see the truth. The difference between an insurance claim and a court summons. Great app for truck drivers where as your phone is on the dash anyhow. It has all of the features of a traditional dash cam plus more, without the need to have an additional piece of hardware on your dash!" -Joseph

Features of CaroO Pro (Dashcam & OBD):
Market leading dashcam with eco-driving support!
Experience the stable background operation as well as no gaps between recorded files on Android 4.1 or higher devices!
- Video dashcam supporting resolution and quality control up to full HD (1920x1080),
- Camera exposure and focus control (depending on capabilities of phones),
- Auto file deletion for normal/emergency video,
- Emergency report via SMS, call and YouTube upload,
- Car monitoring with connection of ELM327 compatible OBD dongles,
- RPM, Speed, Battery voltage, coolant temperature, Baro pressure, and many more data (depending on cars),
- Fuel-cut, eco-drive level, harsh acceleration/brake, idling indicator,
- Auto launch and termination options,
- Co-working with Android Wear devices for notification and control

We recommend smartphones with Android 4.0 or higher, but most smartphones with Android 2.2 or higher are supported too. Android 2.2 or lower devices will not be officially supported from CaroO v2.3.0. Before your purchase, please use the free version, CaroO Free Driving Recorder, in advance.

What’s new in CaroO Pro version
<Updated features in version 3.0.x>
- New OBD library with more cars supported
- New smart driving and preview UI supporting Tablets
- Emergency video length setting up to 60 sec. (20/40/60)
- Normal video length setting add-on (30 min for SD video)
- OBD only use on car navigation without internal camera
- Fuel efficiency adjustment setting
- Floating UI improvement in background mode operation
- Focus mode add-on (Off, Infinity, AF)
- Add Hybrid (Gasoline) car option (beta)

Download CaroO Pro APK:
CaroO Play Store


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In case you didn't like the new CaroO Pro 3.0.x you can always go back to the previous release below.

Previous versions:
ver 2.2.2 | ver

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