Sunday, September 6, 2015

Need for Speed (NFS) Most Wanted 1.3.69 APK

NFSMW is back with bug fixing update in Need for Speed Most Wanted 1.3.69 for Android. Some crashes were fixed for some devices in this latest version, enjoy a smoother racing experience!
Requires: Android 2.3 and Up
Size: 21MB
Type: Racing

NFSMW user reviews:
"Great graphics, great sounds, amazing controls and visual effects. But we need some new cars like the SSC Aero Tuatara, Lycan Hypersport, Alfa Romeo Disco Volante or Ferrari laFerrari. (Since the last update some issues have occurred, some of the Google phones (HTC) have this black bar with the three buttons on it.)" -Ray

"Things I've learned Need for Speed Most Wanted : 1) The American traffic is much more effective than the cops at stopping racers. 2) The traffic has to roam around tactically at chosen places, so they can flock you up. 3) American police does not know how to set up a roadblock properly. 4) A police corvette if given the permission to use spike strips can go up to 470km/h (yup its way faster than a Bugatti). 5) The police is extremely annoying."

"Last update 1.3.69 fixed game crashes. The only thing missing now is Google Play login and achievement. FYI on my friend's phone it says 'This app is not authorized for use on your android device'." -Nick

"The game installed perfectly on my nexus 7, touch controls are awful so don't even bother. I got sixaxis controller and a ps3 controller kinked up via Bluetooth and I am now the envy of all my friends. Nfs most wanted is worth every penny, just like having a ps3 in your pocket." Chris

What’s new in version 1.3.69
Tighten your seat belts! We’ve made some behind-the-scenes improvements to keep your game running smoothly. Thanks for playing!

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Previous v1.3.63 +data
Previous v1.3.68 (na+row)

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  1. The row data downloaded via game je not hacked at all

    And what do i do when i download party where do i put them im?

    1. download SD DATA and extract it to Android/Data/