Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Simpsons Tapped Out 4.15.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Donuts, Money, XP, Tickets)

Homer just introduced Springfield to the extreme sport of Tap Ball! Apart from that, this update features brand new buildings, characters and much more. Download the unlimited donuts and money hack for The Simpsons Tapped Out 4.15.0 and assemble your team to win the game.

Requires: Android 2.3.3 and up
Size: 47MB
Type: Casual

TSTO User Reviews:
"This game is extremely engaging with constant updates, new content and typical Simpsons humour. Playing daily or once in a long while doesn't change the fun factor of the The Simpsons Tapped Out.
I would consider buying items for the game if the donuts (currency) weren't overpriced. I must say they have increased the drop rate for them ingame which is good. We need more items that cover more than just the vanity trait." -Aaron

"Everything is so expensive on such a low income. From buying land and constructing buildings to scenery layout and landscaping. The hours it takes the town folk to complete a job has little satisfactory significance, and you are forced the spend your own money to acquire donuts just to get any decent belongings or get ahead." Anthony

What's hacked:
- Unlimited Donuts
- Unlimited Money
- Ban-Protection
- Your account will not be stuck with billions of donuts (no server-sync)!
- Free Shopping
- Your existing donuts will stay!

The cheats work;
- In Krustlyland!
- After all the latest ingame updates (clientside mod)!
- With and without origin login!

What’s new in Tapped Out 4.15.0
Homer Simpson has introduced a sport so dangerous, so wild, so confusing that it could only exist in the digital sphere.
Put together and train a team of sporty Springfielders and challenge your neighbors to games of Tap Ball, where the only rule is that there is a never ending list of rules (because Homer keeps making them up!)
With new buildings, characters, decorations, and quest lines, it’s GAME ON in Springfield!

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Download The Simpsons Tapped Out v4.15.0 MOD APK:

UPDATE AVAILABLE: The Simpsons Tapped Out 4.17.1 mod

(Outdated) v4.15.0:

Great news: Krustyland fully working again in v4.15.0 (+ Hack features), original Donuts are safe again and friend prizes should be fixed.
Bad news: The official version has some crash bugs in need of fixing, the guys at EA are aware of this and probably will release an update soon!

Install Instructions:
1. Uninstall any version of Simpsons Tapped Out before installing our mod.
2. Install our .apk
3. Launch the game and wait for the ingame update to finish.
4. Login with your Origin Account and start playing!

How do I activate Unlimited Donuts, Money and Free Shopping cheats?
Just spend some cash or donuts, build a tree or a random building for instance - your money and donuts will immediately jump to insane amounts!

NOTE: If you get pop ups asking you to purchase more donuts when trying to spend some on the daily training menu, Don't worry! it'll get fixed once you get to the part of playing one of the games with a friend on your list.
-By Ogbrandon

Tip: Use Google Chrome browser or Firefox for Android to access and download from Apkradar.


  1. When is the next update coming out???
    The one for Springfield Heights

    1. How do people get so much donuts on the Simpson's tapped out

    2. How do people get so much donuts on the Simpson's tapped out

    3. you download and use the mod apk (instead of PlayStore's) and follow instructions above!
      there is an update: (but latest mods are plagued with bugs)

  2. When I open the game it immediately says that I have to update it, I tap it and it takes me to the play store I don't know what to do! ��

    1. this is a very old version.. we stopped updatin the game at v4.19.3
      please look elsewhere on Apktron site
      sorry for inconvenience!