Friday, December 18, 2015

Angry Birds Fight! MOD APK 2.1.0 (Unlimited Coins, Energy, Unlock Birds)

The latest game in the Angry Birds series has hit the Android market and it's a match-up puzzler. We have modded unlimited money, energy, unlocked birds and much more in Angry Birds Fight! 2.1.0 so have fun and enjoy the game!

Requires: Android 4.0 and up
Size: 47MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Puzzle

User reviews:
“Have to spend real money to actually get anything or anywhere and the matching is flipping retarded. Some match ups are impossible to win so they send you to the pay-to-upgrade crap. This is just as stupid as the entire angry birds franchise but Angry Birds Fight is by far the dumbest and worst of the bunch.” -Kyle

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“The matching system isn't the best. I'm constantly getting paired with much higher level birds. Also the tile matching isn't that great. I often have to pull the same tile over multiple time before it takes which is irritating in a timed match.” -John

Angry Birds Fight! for Android features:
- Play against friends (and foes) in real-time matches. Race against the clock to match as many panels as possible to power up your bird for the fight! GRRRR!
- Equip your birds with wacky weapons and questionable armor to give them more health, attack power and also some special skills to give you the edge. It’s fight or flight!
- Explore uncharted islands packed with challengers – then knock ‘em out in a match-three frenzy! Win to unlock more birds, weapons and other items. Just look out for the Monster Pigs…
- CHALLENGE other players globally in real-time match-three puzzles
- POWER UP birds for the fight by matching faster and better than your opponent
- MATCH 4 to activate special powers, MATCH 5 to start FEVER TIME!
- WIN fights to gain XP, win items and customize your flock and your ship
- ACCESSORIZE with different items to increase health, attack and add skills
- EARN bird coins in fights to buy more weapons and accessories in the shop
- PLAY the lucky slots to unlock more items - go on, give it a spin!

What’s new in version 2.1.0
- Now you can use Facebook, Sina Weibo or your phone number to backup your progress online and connect with more friends!
- Introducing the new global fight ranking. Fight your way to the top!
- Complete new daily challenges to earn rewards every day.
- Fixed a bug that caused irregular bird levels and other related issues.
- Other minor improvements.

Download Angry Birds Fight! 2.1.0 MOD APK:
ABF Play Store

What's modded:
1. Free Lives
2. Free Ship Lives
3. Free Arena Tickets
4. Unlock All Birds

Install APK and play. (see what's modded above)

Previous ver 1.3.3

What’s hacked in v1.3.3: (by DaiCaVN)
1. Unlimited Coins (You will get 9,999,999 after fighting monster pig)
2. Unlock all birds
3. Unlimited Bird capacity
4. Unlimited Ship capacity
5. Unlimited Energy
6. Unlimited Ship Energy

Tip: Use Google Chrome browser or Firefox for Android to access and download from Apkradar.

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