Thursday, July 2, 2015

Blitz Brigade - Online FPS fun MOD APK 1.8.2b (Unlimited Ammo, No Reload)

Finally, the most awesome online FPS action game on Android gets a proper hack. Enjoy the unlimited Ammo MOD APK for Blitz Brigade Blitz Brigade Online FPS fun 1.8.2b and blast your way through your enemies. It's time to dominate the battlefield!

Requires: Android 2.3 and Up
Size: 821MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Action

- Up to 12 players can battle online in multiplayer games
- 5 classes: Soldier, Gunner, Medic, Sniper, Stealth
- Control the battlefield in Domination mode
- Frag everyone from the opposing army in Deathmatch games
- Use 3 different vehicles for a tactical advantage in battle
- Fight with over 100 weapons, each made for a specific class
- Unique taunts and kill phrases for each character in the game
- Voice Chat to create your game plan in the heat of the action
- Complete 120 unique action-packed missions
- Learn to master each class's specialized battle skills
- Pilot a Helicopter and rain death from above
- Hop into a Tank to steamroll the enemy army 

What's hacked:
1. Infinite Ammo
2. No Reload

Minimum hardware requirements to play Blitz Brigade:
- 1 Ghz CPU
- 512 Mb RAM
- PowerVR SGX540 GPU or equivalent
- 1.4 GB of available memory

What’s new in version 1.8.2b
Charge more fiercely into battle with the new Resist System and watch your enemies fire with futility!
- Resist System: Spend Skill Points to boost your defenses from 7 different damage types.
- More Guns: Lock & load with a new arsenal of destruction, including the shield-sapping EMP Grenade.
- New Weapon Bundle: Get a bunch of new guns in one shot.
- Controller Support: Take total control of the battlefield using a Standard, Form-fitting, or Extended controller.
Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Download Blitz Brigade Online FPS fun 1.8.2b MOD APK:

Install APK, Download data files directly from play store or in the game and play. (Sd Data link if you cant download from play store)

NOTE: There is a chance the mod may not work, the game may crash, ban, etc seeing as Gameloft bumped up its security a bit. We're still working on a better mod, so stay tuned!

NOTE: If you get "invalid license" error: It means you never played the game before. Install playstore version first then open game and wait some time until the game verifies your device then copy OBB of game and delete the game and install my mod.

Thanks to ZahirSher
Tip: Use Google Chrome browser or Firefox for Android to access and download from Apkradar.

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