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Family Guy The Quest for Stuff 1.13.0 MOD APK (Free Shopping, Rushing, Old Items, Leaderboard)

The spookiest of Halloween updates hits the android market in Family Guy The Quest for Stuff 1.13.0 hack with unlimited free shopping, rushing, and leaderboard items. This mod apk will eliminate the need to spend real money to play the game but we always encourage getting the original and buying items to support the devs.
Family-Guy-The Quest-for-Stuff-hack

Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up
Size: 55MB
Rating: 4.2/5
Type: Adventure

FGQFS user reviews:
“It works flawlessly (finally) on my S4 Active with latest firmware. The Quest for Stuff is tons of fun, good time killer while you're on the crapper or whenever you have a spare minute (on ver 1.12.0).” -Dave

“It's a fun game to play, but don't expect a lot of progress on special events like 'nature week', 'mobsters', etc. because they require great amounts of clams to get anywhere in a timely fashion. Characters actions are ridiculously long for the small payout you get and the drop rate is very low. I'm willing to pay a little every now and then for the time put into coding, testing etc. but asking $100, indeed over $10, for clams was extremely laughable imho. Family Guy The Quest for Stuff (mod) is a cell phone game not a Xbox or PS4 game!” -Tracie  

“The Godfather event is full of ridiculous quests and constant crashes. Now it seems like if you don't spend money on the game you get nowhere. I currently have 8 quests on the go (11 if you include Golden Cookie trucks, Fort Nox, and Safe Houses) and am working on unlocking 2 characters that need items from an action performed by only 1 other character. How are you supposed to finish anything? I'm tired TinyCo. Back to The Simpsons Tapped Out for now.” -Curt

“It's sad when capitalism wins over creativity! When will corporations realize that when efforts for money supersede the functionality and creativity of a product, they are writing their own death warrants? Family Guy The Quest for Stuff is a fun little game but I won't be spending any more money on it.” -Don

“TinyCO have a pretty solid influx of new events that are really creative. Unfortunately they make it very hard to earn many of the new event's characters without spending your actual hard earned cash. I have also had issues with the game repeatedly crashing even with full signal strength (used on Samsung Galaxy S3).”-Patrick

What’s new in The Quest for Stuff version 1.13.0
It’s a Halloween movie marathon at the Quahog Drive-In! It’s all going smoothly until Death unleashes Chucky, Michael Myers, and your favorite horror movie villains on an unsuspecting Quahog. Will Peter and the gang make it out alive? Find out during our special Halloween event, Death at the Drive-In!
Ver 1.11.5
PeterPalooza, the hottest new music festival, is in town. Excitement reaches a fever pitch, but someone is trying to sabotage the festival! Reveal this mystery music hater and make sure the festival goes smoothly! Join Peter and the gang during Quahog’s most star-studded event featuring Avril Lavigne, Snoop Dogg, Rick Astley, Deadmau5, Weird Al, and Alice Cooper. Rock on!
Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Download Family Guy Quest For Stuff 1.13.0 MOD APK:

NOTE: You must play the 0fficial Version BEFORE INSTALLING THIS HACK. After you completed the tutorial quest “The Road to Rebuilding Pt. 1″ you can play with the hack.
NOTE: According to users on the Play Store, this update 1.13.0 has some crashing issues!

MOD APK v1: (Free Shopping, Free Rushing and Old Items)
Direct Drive


MOD APK v2: (Only Free Shopping and free Rushing)
Direct Drive


MOD APK v3: (With Leaderboard Items)
Direct Drive

-Uninstall any version of Family Guy before installing the hack!
-Uninstall or disable under “Settings – Apps (applications),” the Facebook app!
-Then install the modded Version from the Links above and enjoy!
I can not guarantee that the MOD will work on all devices.

Credits: Stile1201
old version 1.9.5

Tip: Use Google Chrome browser or Firefox for Android to access and download from Apkradar.

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