Saturday, November 21, 2015

Rival Kingdoms Age of Ruin MOD APK (Unlimited Mana & more)

Space Ape Games brings you an epic and entertaining strategy management battler in Rival Kingdoms Age of Ruin (hack version with unlimited mana). The game borrows a lot from games like Clash of Clans but has its own charm.

Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Size: 96MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Action

In Age of Ruin you gather resources, improve your home base, and attack enemy encampments. Building walls protects your stuff, towers rain down fire upon invaders, and if your HQ is destroyed the attacker is victorious. The game is in real time and we guarantee you'll love it!

“This is a good game so far.. Kingdoms(clans) are great and the most in-depth of any game in this genre. Kingdom wars are also good however I've only done 1 so far and was too weak to do anything, but when I'm stronger they will be great I'm sure. Graphics are gorgeous. The biggest letdown for me is that despite Rival Kingdoms Age of Ruin having over 1,000,000 downloads, Space Ape Games can't be bothered to make a forum for the game, which is really frustrating and annoying and makes me think are they really that committed to the game if they refuse to do things like forums. They do have a forum however it's for their other game so all we can do is hijack that and post there. But because it's not the proper forum nobody really posts much in it. If Space Ape Games can add these basics aka a forum for a game of this size then I will make this review a 4* not a 5* as 5* is perfection and no game is perfect.” Nick

Features in Rival Kingdoms Age of Ruin Mod for Android:
- Infinite Summoning Ability (Mana)
- Offensive xPloit [Increase]
- Defensive xPloit [Increase]
- Power xPloit [Increase]
- Troop Damage xPloit [Increase]
- Infinite Name Changes

Other game features:
- Outstanding NEXT-GENERATION graphics.
- Revolutionary 300-player RAIDS!
- IMMERSIVE campaign and EPIC story.
- Best in class PVP experience.
- Control all the action in REAL-TIME!
- NO TROOP TRAINING - get straight into the fight!
- FREE Download.

What’s new in version
Introducing Relic Wars!
Fight with your Kingdom in epic wars to control powerful Relics! Relics appear inside your village and provide powerful offensive bonuses. Several Relics are available, but only one Kingdom can lay claim to the Crown of Estara. A mysterious artifact that fills its wearer with thoughts of war.

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