Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ultimate Horse Simulator APK

Gluten Free Games released its latest sim and you'll definitely like it. Install Ultimate Horse Simulator version 1 for your Android and live wild as a horse. Stаrt уουr οwn herd аnԁ breed, raise, customize, and protect уοur horses in stunning 3D environments!

Requirements: Android 2.3 and Up
Size: 50MB
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Simulation

Game review:
With a little more help Ultimate Horse Simulator could quite possibly be one of the best in the Play Store. There are some things that are bugged. The foals don't stay foals, once you close the game and reopen they are adults. The other horses of the herd don't help fight making it more difficult to operate and level. There needs to be more wildlife and ones that are consistent with what you would really see. There should be more changes to the weather. Mainly it's smaller details that need to be worked out.

Features of Ultimate Horse Simulator
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- Maintain your health, hunger, thirst, and energy if you're going to survive in the wilderness! It's as real as it gets
- Defend yourself and your entire family from dangerous predators like wolves and cougars
- Revamped Quest System
- Dominate other horses and recruit them to build your herd!
- Breed foals that will grow into beautiful members of your herd and protect them!
- Customize the herd and choose your horse's name, gender, style, coat and mane, and even tint them any color of the rainbow to make the herd of your dreams!
- Gain experience by finding food, completing missions, and defending your herd against dangerous predators to level up horses and increase their stats, gain points in order to upgrade your horse’s abilities, unlock new colors, and increase the size of your herd!
- Earn Stat Points which can be used to provide bonus’s to traits like Health, Dodge Chance, Defense, Run Speed, and much more!
- Buff Points can be used to upgrade your Whinny and Nicker Buffs, which create temporary Stat Boosting auras around your horse when active!
- Skill Points unlock and upgrade special abilities for your horses. Upgrade “Enhanced Senses” to detect nearby predators or “Power Kick” to send your enemies flying through the air!
- Unleash a powerful kick to send your enemies flying through the air!
- Procedural weather system with unique storms, clouds, sunrise, sunset and celestial movement!
- Massive 3D environments
- 25 unique species (goat, chicken, fox, deer, crocodile, bear,etc)

What’s new in version 1
Initial Android release
Screenshots (click to enlarge)

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