Sunday, December 13, 2015

Chaotica Towers APK v3

Chaotica is a brand new tower defense strategy game filled with generic action. Give a go, download the free Apk and have fun!

Requirements:Android 3.0 and up
Rating: 4.0/5

Chaotica Towers for Android features:
- Finally, not just towers shoot at enemies in the game, but real units, which hide behind strong walls!
- The enemies are numerous and various! Rat-gnomes, skeletons, demons and slugs attack by mobs!
- 4 types of your defenders, 2 magic obelisks and more than 20 options for improving and strengthening!
- Monsters, by the way, can attack in different ways ... Just in case ... We warned...
- A lot of interesting features on the arrangement and using fire points.
- Train the defenders of the towers, place the obelisks and smash hordes of enemies!
- Free Kronberg in military companies of different levels of complexity or select "survival" mode.
- Do not miss the moment! First, they are quiet and small, but then they run up! Hurry up to build defense!
- All of the upgrades cost the same. Improve soldiers for maximum!

What’s new in version 3 
- the ice spell is added
- the fiery spell is added
- talents are added, it is possible to spend the earned stars and to do towers stronger
- optimization of a code
- the zoom is optimized
- correction of errors
- some elements of management are zoomed

Download Chaotica Towers APK:

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